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  1. Happy Birthday Jono - hope you're enjoying it in style. (Also, like what you've done with the place!). All the Best. T
  2. Not bad, parts of this I like. Towards the start it's definitely influenced by Tricky around the Portishead collaboration time quite a few years back (anyone remember the album Maxinquaye?). Don't like his teeth much though. :*
  3. Not always a Madonna fan but that's an excellent short set; especially good idea letting Cee Lo loose with Like a Prayer. How long is half-time at this thing?! The logistics of getting that humungous stage on and off the middle of the pitch are horrendous...
  4. Many happy returns, Nati. Life begins here (as they say)... Tx
  5. Scott tweeted a link to an article in the Mail about his mum's MS earlier today: http://t.co/KZbaKfgA
  6. Happy Birthday Jono - I hope your next year proves as successful for you as this last one has. Many happy returns...
  7. If everything else apart from Twitter is in English, you've probably changed the Twitter language settings. If you use the web interface - click your username top right, go into Settings, choose Engels as the language and Save to put them back to usual. If it's a phone app and not via your phones web browser, there'll be settings in there somewhere to do the same.
  8. Well done Craig - good news.
  9. We live in the age of the mandatory Risk Assessment. It does feel sometimes like it's bureaucracy gone mad, but there is a point to it. Annoying all the same... Whatever happened to common sense? Leave bumper cars alone, they're great!
  10. Not particularly impressed by the Leeds festival line-up this year: http://www.leedsfestival.com/2011/lineup/ Someone at work has spare tickets if anyone fancies them. PM me and I'll put you directly in touch if so...
  11. The UK 'license fee' amounts to approx $20 a month, so it's heartening to hear you'd consider paying $5 a month more for BBC content. Do you get BBC America on standard TV channels, or is that a subscription service too?
  12. Surprised by this. Suggestions here to cancel subs and formally complain, though if this comes as a direct result of an imminent release of the US iPlayer I can't see it changing...
  13. I prefer Who to Torchwood to be honest (how is it Captain Jack seems different in the two?); though I did enjoy the Torchwood special they did last time around - can't remember the title.
  14. Aftershow panel again I'd have thought. Hope they let Keith Lemon back on this year, very unpredictable...
  15. Best of luck with the interview, Steph.
  16. Nice one. While I love driving anything on wheels I doubt I could handle the sheer expanse of any kind of bus or coach
  17. Well done - is that for an artic or a coach (or am I completely off the mark?)
  18. Nice to read the old thread there John - sounded like a great day. I'd hang onto the signed copy - it's probably worth more to you for the memories than anyone else... And congratulations to Laura - looked like a lovely day and I wish them both the very best.
  19. What rocks for me - three actual proper days off work. Phew, it's been 17 days solid without a break (and calls at all hours of the night/early morning). Excellent. Looking forward to this.
  20. I've found in the past that some of the best things to happen arrive when you're not remotely looking for them... And don't ALL people of the fairer sex have two heads anyway?! :* [ducks]
  21. Barrowman is always entertaining and good value as a guest - he does seem like a genuinely nice chap.
  22. http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/external.php?type=RSS2 Only gives new topics (i.e. not all new posts) by default though.
  23. Do a little googling - you might find you can get a pair of cheaper ones sent to a local tyre dealer for the cost of just one of the original type if they're a recognisable make like Michelins, Toyos or Pirellis. Definately worth doing a bit of research first - a friend saved a fortune on tyres for their MX5 (I think a pair fitted for less than £100).
  24. Always surprised at DC's age - he's wise and insightful way beyond his years... Happy Birthday DC. Here's a nice classic (aren't they all) TVR for you and Many Happy Returns mate. Have a good one!
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