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Ben Cooper's got his cheque book out again.

Someone called Snoochie Shy (never heard of her) and Jack Saunders (former Radio X mid-mornings).

Snoochie on 1Xtra Mondays 1-3am and Jack on Radio 1 Monday-Thursday 11pm-1am, replacing Huw and Radio 1's Residency on Thursdays.

Interesting. Wonder what's happening to Huw, he's been at Radio 1 for 19 years and it looks a lot like he's leaving. Also interesting that for the first time in a while they've poached someone directly from commercial radio (without on-air pilots as well). 

I've heard Jack on Radio X a few times, it's pretty well deserved I think. Never heard of Snoochie though.


UPDATE: Huw's been pushed back to just one show a week - BBC Introducing on Sundays 11pm-1am. Not sure where that leaves Phil Taggart - maybe 9-11pm on Sundays?

UPDATE UPDATE: Should've just read the press release on the BBC website.

Phil Taggart to Sundays 7-9pm, Rock Show to Sundays 9-11pm, Huw to Sundays 11pm-1am, Residency to Mondays 1-3am. Monki out for the time being.

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A shame for Huw, he must be on his way out now. But glad that they’ve sorted out the Sunday schedule and Phil Taggart has a slightly more prominent show. Also looking forward to hearing how Jack is, I’ve never heard him before. 

Also, Monki isn’t actually leaving as it says she’s she’s remaining part of the Dance Family so I presume that whenever any of the Friday Night DJs are off, she’ll cover for them, a bit like what Heidi used to do a couple of years ago? 

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