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What rocks in your life?


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After a very difficult and very dark few weeks for me which has seen my state of mind go to hell and back on many occasions (would take a very long time to explain why on this thread, may blog about it at a later date) I'm finally starting to feel a bit more like my old self again. It's still very early days and it'll probably be a good few weeks or even months before I'm completely back to normal. But even the most minor of achievements are still achievements at the end of the day... so at the very least I can take some comfort from that.

Congratulations on your 2:1 Emma, I always knew you'd come out with a great mark :D Hope final year wasn't too unbearable for you. And congratulations Bumble on your engagement, all the best to you and the Geek for the future.

So save the last dance

For me my love 'cause I

I see you as an angel freshly fallen from the sky...

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I got a start date for training for a new job today. Everything kicks off at the start of next month, just gotta hope they're alright with me having authorised absence from my current employer while I'm in training, I explained to the personel department and I'll get a call back tomorrow, I'll only be doing that while I'm in training thought, once I have passed the tests I'll be leaving my current one with immediate effect.

Not impressed with censorship

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