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What sucks in your life?


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My brother may be moving abroad, or perhaps London. Not enjoying his job and he's been offered trails to play rugby semi professionally. London wouldn't be too bad because its still in the UK so I could make random visits when I have time off but abroad would be very unlikely for me. Not convinced London would be a good idea for him though, I genuinely think he'd go mad down there.

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Huh. Even by Viv standards that was cruel.

Anyway, everyone I know seems to be ignoring me at the moment. It's like I'm talking to myself all the time. I mean, I know I'm a useless idiot most of the time, and also a complete hermit at the moment, but I honestly dunno what I've done wrong. Maybe I'm more of a shit to know than I thought *shrugs*

still, I'm going off to Leeds soon so I shouldn't be bothered. I'll get to know new people soon enough. But it still hurts.

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My Uncle whom I was quite close to died on Wednesday morning, was expecting it as he had been in hospital for around 9 weeks but still... :cry:

Funeral is on Thursday :(

Sorry to hear that. Sending lots of hugs your way. *insert hug emoticon here*

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Attended a meeting today where i was told i would not have to do something i don't want to do. So, headed down the sea to celebrate with ice cream. then, got home to find a letter stating i WILL be doing what i don't want to do. ripped it into pieces and sat on it.

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