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International listeners!


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I'm from Herning, Denmark. I love scott mills, he is so funny.. and very cute too.

I listen everyday and cant get enough.

I dated an english guy and heard scott when visiting England. He dumped me but i'm still a fan of scott and always will be :-)

josefine- denmark.

Jamen så velkommen til dig :)

My aunt lives in Herning by the way.

Il n'y a qu'un devoir, c'est d'être heureux; il ny'a qu'une vertu, c'est la justice -Denis Diderot

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I'm 17 and from Perth, Western Australia! I got listening via UM clips on Youtube, and have been hooked ever since. Incidentally, I love everything British...everything...though I've never been there.

Cheers all,


That's great stuff. Welcome along Tim. Shame the time zones must make it difficult to catch an actual show.

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It's very interesting to see how many people listen to Radio 1 around the world, so many different countries, time zones, continents.

I know, I have friends in the USA who listen too. The wonders of technology! I'm glad though, I am hoping to emigrate in a couple of years so at least I will be able to keep tabs on Scott's tan, cleaner etc!:hahaha:


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Hellloooo and welcome new members.

I was originally from Spain, but now I'm from Leeds. We need some South Americans now - think this is the only continent we don't have covered yet.

'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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