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  1. Beaut! Sounds bonzer. I’ll crack a few tinnies of Fosters. We don’t actually talk like that – although it is law to play the tuba and wobble your chin like Harold from Neighbours.
  2. I'm from Adelaide, Australia - home of the best beaches and wine in the country. So if you ever need to get tanned and drunk, give us a yell. I think I started listening to R1 to hear the chart show, but in all honesty I don't actually remember. I do remember hearing Scott fill in for Moyles on morning and that was it, hooked. Scott's normally on here around midnight (although its about 2am when we're in daylight saving) so the podcast is quite handy...although Scott being on at breakfast means he's on here about 5/6pm...perfect end to the day!
  3. Having been a huge Kylie fan for years I meant no disrespect to Kyles and was certainly not making fun of her circumstances/what she’s been through. But was merely saying she’s looked rather ‘refreshed’ these past 8 or so months and her right eyebrow has been seemingly permanently cocked the same amount of time. So I sincerely apologise if I offended you or anyone else.
  4. So, Kylie, know the number of a good plastic surgeon? Or ask her something about her freakish, mutant right eyebrow. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. Hey guys. Just stopping by to say hi from Oz. Have been lurking for a while and thought I'd better take the leap. Listen to Susan any chance I get (normally on Fridays seeing as he's on at 2am local time), otherwise its listening to the podcasts for me.
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