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  1. Perhaps this is why I can no longer load the site most times I try (the internet connection in my dorm is ridiculously slow this year). The old site worked. At least I can get updates on here while I can't listen to the shows.
  2. You think you need a flame-proof jacket for saying you don't like Fearne? Not around here!
  3. Birthdate UK #1: Yazz and the Plastic Population - 'The Only Way Is Up' Best birthday #1 is 'Country House' from when I turned seven.
  4. Mine is Yazz and the Plastic Population - 'The Only Way Is Up' which could be worse but it's a bit annoying. I have always found DJ Sammy covers completely bizarre. Don Henley just...should not be a club song.
  5. I've only listened occasionally (usually I am not home at noon on Fridays) but this one seems particularly great.
  6. And my fourth! I actually looked back at what was #1 on all my birthdays once.
  7. The ROTW is really...very odd. "You either love it or you hate it" - no, I just think it's quite odd. But this is my first time hearing it so I may hate it tomorrow. I know I love Last Shadow Puppets though (though this first single wasn't what got me hooked).
  8. It's not just Yanks - Canadians too, and in Canadian French "le soccer." It's just language differences, though the North American "football" really ought to have a different name since kicking the ball is a very small part of the game.
  9. Goodness, this is worse than the "Greek Like Me" song.
  10. Haven't heard this Keane song in a year and a half, something like that.
  11. Precisely! I have some music that is in neither English nor French and if it sounds good, I like it...no idea what they're singing about and it very well could be something bad. Do the regulations that prevent foul language on the radio apply to impolite words in Greek?
  12. Further evidence that it's generally preferable to sing in one's native language!
  13. Someone posted Beatles lyrics so I'll take it I'm allowed to post something else that isn't contemporary in the least. Split Enz - "Maybe" And if you all had rooms Would you still have room for me? Making the way for you And the dear ol' family tree Like a stormy sky, it's a sad song It's just a point of view, but a true song And if you all looked up Would you still look down on me? I'm just a country boy Can't you see that I'm still green? Raising finance for the day we meet And gazing headlong down some empty street Maybe she'll come along Sweep me right off my feet Maybe, please don't be long I need all the help I can get Maybe we'll get it on Ooh - la - la And when the day breaks In our stately home we'll sit Remembering the days Before our hearts were set Hoping is not enough to live upon Such a far far cry I can't go wrong Maybe she'll come along Sweep me right off my feet Maybe, please don't be long I need all the help I can get Maybe we'll get it on li - li - li- la -de - de - di etc. This is early Split Enz, from 1975, and odd though this choice may be, I really love this song - I think it's a brilliant depiction of being young and uncertain about the future (but retaining some hope).
  14. And I still can't decide if I dislike that song or the Madonna song more! My boss tipped me off to the Ting Tings back in November or so - didn't like the song then and I don't like it now. At least it's not Rihanna? Maybe I should watch interviews with them because I think Katie looks mean in photos I've seen and this is part of why I've been developing quite a dislike for the Ting Tings; perhaps she just photographs badly. ETA: Okay, she's on the chart show now and doesn't sound unpleasant in the least. Still don't like the song, though.
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