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  1. Hi, a good person to talk to about clips/downloads/podcasts is Franzi, who does all the archives as well as on-going stuff for this Site.

  2. dragging this up from a year ago... I still haven't found the clips, BUT, pretty sure I know the date of the show. http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/reviews9/archives/news-archive-6-2005.html < this has details listed under the review for 9th of June, 2005! anyone got the clip?
  3. Anybody?? This post is making me feel a bit lonely.
  4. Hi all! I'm chasing down a number of clips from the show from aaages ago. I've looked on the downloads in any relevant categories but I can't find them! they're a couple of busted calls, probably from 2006 or 07? just wondering if anyone can help me out. The first one is where a girl uses her boyfriends facebook page or something to say that he's dead, so Chappers calls her up pretending to be the Vicar from the church organising the funeral? the second one is when a guys mum bailed on a family doo to go on a holiday with a friend she booked while she was a bit tipsy, and scott calls her up pretending that she's won something... or something ? and the last one is a girl who learns that her boyfriend from school wanted to cheat on her with her best friend, so the show gets a whole heap of people who have a grudge against this guy and gets him to apologise for his past wrongs? i lost all my scott mills show stuff when my computer died a while back, and remembered these three when introducing them to my friend, but couldn't find them on this site! can anyone help? are they available for download here, and if so, where can I find them? cheers! tim
  5. Ha, thank-goodness mine do then aye! Nice to hear from you, mate! Tim
  6. Hi, yeah they do a bit, but luckily I have english mates that I chat to into the wee hours so I spose it could be worse. Cheers!
  7. Hello, new member here from Western Australia. Just saying hello really, and this site, and of course Scott Mills, is awesome.
  8. I'm 17 and from Perth, Western Australia! I got listening via UM clips on Youtube, and have been hooked ever since. Incidentally, I love everything British...everything...though I've never been there. Cheers all, Tim
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