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  1. The pic with me and greg is in one of my albums. I'm still in love. Everyone's been coming up to me today asking how I managed to get him up to my flat. I'm like semi famous in my block of flats and with the med people now.
  2. I swear it was just a tissue! My voice isn't normally like that! I've been ill for ages. Everyone's been asking me about it. And yeah, I totally trumped Jono on this one.
  3. I actually missed the mention but I think it must have been about him coming to my flat last night. I'll catch it on listen again.
  4. Afternoon! I love Greg James. He's so lovely in person.
  5. He didn't know I was from here until he was about to leave and I was like "Oh, I'm off of Unofficial Mills" so he sat in our kitchen for a bit and scrutinized the rather suspicious looking leftover roast on the table. It was so good. He used to live in my halls. We had good banter right at the beginning and I was waiting for pool by the DJ bit in the blue bar right where he was sitting. Cat was there too and we got limited edition Katy Perry cherry Chapstick. Awesome.
  6. He was in my room I did the first through the student key hole OH MY GOD. I sound like such an idiot on the thing. In love.
  7. Started packing my sentimental junk to take to uni and it's the first time that I feel genuinely nervous about going to uni tomorrow. Same as I felt my first day at my second secondary school. I've got butterflies and everything. I don't like it
  8. I saw the Joanna Lumley programme! I absolutely loved it. My friend has seen it and he said it was utterly fantastic, but he had no words to do it justice.
  9. :cry: Complicated boy is going to Greece on Wednesday for a whole year. Stayed with him most of last night at the party. Bummer. As if we've been completely oblivious to like, everything that's been going on. If that even makes sense.
  10. I was an auntie at 17. Loveliest thing in the world. 9 months to the day ago actually.
  11. Ah! Forgot Fratellis and Bloc Party! And yes Pete was there. Pretty impressed by how well he can perform while completely wasted. Much like when I saw Paulo Nutini. Completely pissed that boy was.
  12. I absolutely love them. Really catchy songs. And the one I like isn't younger than me! Bear in mind I am that girl who went to Busted a stupid amount of times. I loves me a boy band I do.
  13. I went to LaSenza today and happily bought stuff there. The cashier didn't put the annoying beads in my bag! I bought shoes! They're like heaven for my feet. Seriously. I saw a girl I used to go to school with who's also going to be studying medicine at the UEA. I'm going out tonight.
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