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  1. and wasted no time torturing scott!
  2. oh yes i would..... OK im joking. where can i download it though? also i watched the south park episode with wing- LOL~!
  3. i wodn't go as far as buying it...... all said and done i wouldn't listen more than once
  4. fine- you have won me over.....she does do what she likes doing, and that does take courage. BTW- i thought it was amazing!
  5. wow... five minutes after posting the thread so many replies!!!. thanks from what i've heard on the podcast shes rubbish. maybe actually hearing her live in front of me....... but shes still crap. why ruin good songs?
  6. I'd like 2 clear up a few things about wing. please help out: 1) which South park episode does she show in? 2) why does anyone like her????? shes rubbish! 8)
  7. i like the fact that its just a month since whaky- becky joined and already she's involved in torturing scott....
  8. hello from a cave in Aderet, Israel! anyone Israeli here? that would be great 8) im flying to the UK in a few months so i will be able to listen to the man live at last!!!!!
  9. hello from ISRAEL!!!!!
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