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Chris's Friday Extra Podcast

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Since Chris claims that his podcast is not a one-off thing, I think a separate thread is in need. 

My initial thoughts: it's a really good idea. 

Chris is really good when he's talking to other people, but sounds slightly 'staged' when he's alone. I think it's something in his voice, you can hear that he's reading the script instead of just talking.
We get some really good, unknown stuff - Chris used to be a phone call receiver at R1 (I for once didn't know that he used to work behind the scenes) and what's one feature that Greg will have on his Breakfast. He also called Beccy - quite weird that he says she's one of his best friends and then says that he hasn't spoken to her for ages. Still, really nice to hear from her. 
I didn't really like Good News Jamie in this podcast, he kind of shaded Scott. I don't think he meant to, but it turned out cringe and awkward. 

Still a bit rough, but a decent start of something great.

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I love this podcast - just if it was a bit longer, Chris seems to be being always pushed out of the studio for the next show - surely they have a studio he can work in alone for a few hours, and produce an hour show, I wonder how it works contractually maybe along the lines of "were paying you for 5 days a week, just because Scott is not on Fridays anymore at 1, you ought to be doing something work wise" or was it their idea to keep Chris busy while Scott is on chart duties 

whatever the scenario it's one of the best podcasts on the station, just wished they covered a bit more of the other DJs maybe have one as a guest each week to discuss their career and next moves and all


I would love to hear what Scott thinks of Zoe and Sara at R2 and all 

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