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Where do you see the current Radio 1 presenters end up?

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Chris Moyles + Comedy Dave - Radio 5 live

Dev - Commercial Radio

Fearne Cotton - Radio 2

Greg James - Radio 5 live

Scott Mills - Radio 2/TV

Annie Mac - 6 Music

Pete Tong - Radio 2/6Music

Zane Lowe - 6 Music

Reggie Yates - TV/Commercial

Sara Cox - Radio 2/5 live

BBC introducing team - 6 music

Huw Stephens - 6 music, BBC Cymru/Wales

Vernon Kay - TV/Radio 2

Aled - Unsure

Tom Deacon - Radio 2

Nihal 6 music

Nick Grimshaw - TV

Edith - TV/6 Music

Matt Edmondson - TV

Judge Jules - occasional radio appearences

Annie Nightingale - stay til the end

Mistajam - commercial radio

Westwood - 6 music?

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Oh God.

1. Mills - America, involved more with the Hoff and commercial radio over there. He has already told online internet people (can't remember who) he would like to be in America.

2. Moyles - America - New York - he's already got a large fan base.

3. Edith : obviously movies.

4. Coxy : Radio 2, same as Jo Whiley.

5. Greg James: R1 for some time, so don't know.

6. Zane: Again, America.

7. Aled: America. Firmly believe Moyles would want to keep him on wherever he goes, as the rapport / communication/understanding is clearly so good.

8. Fearne Cotton: Much more TV and more designing/fashion, with "very" and away from "Very".

Delta Machine, Depeche Mode - buy NOW !!


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Chris Moyles + Comedy Dave - Radio 5 live

Dev - Commercial Radio

Fearne Cotton - TV

Greg James - Not Sure

Scott Mills - Radio 2

Annie Mac - 6 Music

Zane Lowe - 6 Music

Reggie Yates - TV

Sara Cox - Radio 2

Huw Stephens - 6 music

Vernon Kay - TV

Tom Deacon - Dissappear Under A Cloud

Nihal - Asian Network?

Nick Grimshaw - TV

Edith - 6 Music

Matt Edmondson - TV

Mistajam - He'll Be At 1 Xtra for A While I Think

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interesting reading this two years on when Moyles and Comedy Dave have split up and Moyles is doing theatre, Comedy Dave did some local BBC,

Sara Cox is heading to Radio 2,

Greg to 5 live

Zane definitely to 6music,

Annie Nightingale towards some R2 on the side,

Edith is on 6music

Mistajam has just got a primetime R1 slot

Matt Edmonson is just starting his major R1 career

Westwood is quitting radio and just doing gigs

Annie and Pete Tong are sticking with R1

Dev is doing TV

Scotts heading towards R2

Vernons doing Tv and so is Reggie

Huw is doing Radio Wales

Tom Deacon is just doing comedy

Fearne is doing more TV and fashion...


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Saw this on my profile as I haven't logged in for years. Very interesting looking at the list at the top and seeing which ones were right and wrong. 

I suppose most interesting is how many are still at the station!

Also well done to Viv for correctly predicting Zane would go to America!


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Shal we have a refresh of this with a current line up prediction 

Scott - R2 as soon as the next person retires (Steve Wright or Ken Bruce?) i'd have had Coxy down to take one of those shows however as she has just been given a weeknight slot cant see it 

Dev - weekday drive when Greg takes breakfast 

Grimmy - week day afternoons? weekends or TV 

Clara - safe for now, but potential of being poached by a commercial rival for a prime time slot? 

Adele - really deserves a weekday daytime show, maybe a breakfast co-host with Greg 

Alice - weekend breakfast solo if dev got drive 


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Someone will be replacing Radcliffe and McConie on 6Music soon. As they've been there for a bit and there's a good chance they'll be retiring within the next few years. I see Huw Stephens heading to that slot from Radio 1 as he's been there since 99.


I don't see Radio 2 taking on Scott full time. It wouldn't fit his style doing what he does and then playing 60's songs.

on the grid.

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Maya Jama-TV and fashion 

Huw- Promoting new bands somewhere

Matt-Maybe radio 4 in like 5-6-7 years as a comedy host 

Jack- Probaly in the USA on a station there

Grimmy- Nightclub manager 

Greg-Radio 2 maybe he could take Steve Wright’s Show?

Jordon-Next Breakfast Show host 

Adele- Weekend Breakfast host 

Dev- some itv2 show host 

Alice- MDWAP weekly maybe 52/52 weeks a year?

Scott- Probaly on radio one still 

Annie N- Radio 2 Dance Show 

Annie M- Just doIng gigs

Mollie- Heart FM or Capital Breakfast 

Clara- Christmas Top of the pops...that’s it

Mistajam next Breakfast host on 1xtra 

Phil-Radio X

Danny P Carter- Probaly Kerrang! 

Sideman- Probaly the new *love island* host  * i mean tv trash*

Tagert- Probaly doing gigs only maybe the odd mix on soundcloud or something




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