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Ugly Betty

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Its really good, my dad even likes it which said something.

Its about a girl called Betty who gets a Job at this fashion mag, she doesnt fit in, and then the editor guy finds out that shes got potential and stuff.

But thats only what happenend last night, next week looks like right dwama.


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I think it's brilliant :) I want Betty to get a make-over and her and her boss to get together tho but I think that's too obvious :(

Oh god you have to be kidding me. The second they do that, they've lost the point of the show.

It really gets my goat, I mean how easy is it to take a swipe at the fasion industry. The jokes are poor, the story lines are dull and predictable and the thing with the ex boss hidden away in bandages just reeks of panto or a bad disney baddie!

I mean even torchwood has better storylines that this, and the acting was better.


Sometimes here, sometimes not.

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