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  1. Always excellent to see Harry Hill get recognition. TV Burp is excellent.
  2. Indeed. The presenters before wer at least a little bit funny. these new folk just look like rabbits in headlights.
  3. Kinross is just up the road from me. I didn't bother to get tickets since I can't stand the wacky student sterotypes that go to T in the Park. Rage Against the Machine may have changed my mind since they are one of my favourite bands of all time. Oh and for anyone that didn't manage to get tickets, didn't they release a couple thousand more last year a little closer to the time of the festival? If so, they will probably do that again.
  4. When fully fit he is among the best defenders in the league. LOL @ Sunderland having more Premiership wins than Liverpool this season. Manchester United's lack of decent back-up for Rooney and Tevez may come back to haunt them. Saha? Haha, more like. He should have been sold last summer.
  5. Only took about 15 minutes before Sky Sports News showed the classic "LOVE IT!" clip
  6. Keegan is back! Sky Sports News meltdown.



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