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  1. công ty luật http://tutozone.net/ thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật tư vấn luật nhac san có một bộ phận nhỏ bay ra, dung nhập vào bên trong thân thể của đệ tử Kỷ Nguyên Môn, khiến một số phần tử nòng cốt thăng cấp, lực lượng nhảy vọt.

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    - Không tốt, xảy ra chuyện rồi. Tại sao lại có thể như vậy!

  2. Its sad. I caught a bit of Grimmy tonight. When Colin started his new show at night it was really something new and fresh, im pretty sure Grimmy is going to try and follow in his steps a little too much and wont make it his own.
  3. Happy happy happy Birthday Mr Serin. x
  4. Serin


  5. I got one. Theyre quite good. Not something id suggest for a rigorous workout, but if youre looking for a bit of fun with the family and friends and you want to keep active, then its brilliant.
  6. Riz

    The Exams Thread

    Our last day of lessons is the 9th of may. As tradition stands, there'll be a barbecue in the park, and some nice classy drinking just like old times when you were 13. Ive got two exams, on the 14th and 15th of may. Bit difficult being a day after each other, but im quite pleased that my exams are over before most peoples have started. I CANNOT wait to be free from school.
  7. Id have gotten nowhere if i didnt believe that. One of my longest friends of 15 years is a boy, hes just like a brother really. In fact, id find it harder to believe in friendship between two girls. Girls never keep the same set of friends through their life, unlike most boys. We get bored too easily of each other. I find it really difficult to be friends with girls actually. In fact, i believe the only reason im quite good friends with one girl is because we're not that girly. As for falling in love online. No. Its impossible to truly love someone having never physically been with them. For me, part of liking someone is not only what they say, but how they act and the way they respond to you through body language, and you cant get that over msn can you? I like to keep online friends and real life friends separate. So no, no matter how much i 'lusted' over someone online, id never meet them.
  8. I went for marketing at Glasgow Caledonian. So i may have been swayed that way because it was my only unconditional, but hey, i'll give it a bash and see how it goes.
  9. I tend to just do things that (in my mind anyway) are more important than studying, it makes it seem more acceptable... - Sleeping. If i cant be bothered to study, then i'll sleep, that way i dont have to feel guilty until ive already done it. - Bebo. I'll keep refreshing the page hoping someone comments me. I'll insist on this theory 4 hours later too. - Moan. If im not going to do the work, then i might aswell moan about it just so at least it looks like i care that ive not done it. - Going for a walk. I only ever go for a walk whenever i absolutely have to study. Eventually, i admit defeat and it never gets done.
  10. Riz

    Baftas 2008

    I agree with most winners. I dont agree with a standing ovation for Bruce Forsyth though.
  11. Jono, im almost convinced a 12 year old boy has taken a photo of you asleep on a beach.
  12. See the love hearts with the foam? Yuss!
  13. Stick to the facts. Its different because he knows hes a recognisable figure. He knows people are gonna want to talk to him and take photos anywhere he goes, especially kids. Its what bloody happens when your face is all over tv and newspapers, and people actually happen to be fans. God only knows why.
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