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  1. Really enjoying the floor fillers this week and the party was a great idea!
  2. Of course!! It's a World Cup Party after all. Seriously, I would guess not - but I'll bet a lot of people were shouting it at the radio a few minutes ago.
  3. Apparently Scott doesn't know it's Fabio Capello's birthday today.
  4. I missed the show today but the podcast sounds brilliant - can't wait to hear the Nick Knowles part and OWOC with Cleveland and his wind - that's going to be worth it for Beccy's giggles alone!
  5. Copycat incidents of orange cord pulling are going to break out all over the nation's hospitals now.
  6. They'll let him in if he asks? Oh shame I was thinking Scott should definitely dress up as a WVS lady and wheel a trolley of books into his dad's ward.
  7. Just heard the comment by Jono from Norfolk on Newsbeat - nice one, Jono.
  8. The Keifer Sat Nav would be good for circuits of a racing track, maybe?
  9. Scott you should lightly sandpaper your shoe soles to avoid slipperyness - why not use Beccy's nail file?
  10. Okay Sara Cox's little one Lola was playing vampires this morning, that's even more weird than Fraser leaving floss about. Twitter is so much fun...
  11. Don't start the speech "the Duke wasn't a pretty baby but he grew up to be a ****ing ugly adult". Cbeebies? Okay yeah - have to look at this on Scott's blog!
  12. Maybe Scott's husky voice might be good for a holiday advertisement? He could be the "before" voice of the person in the cold grey Britain, then someone with a light bright clear voice could be the voice of the holiday destination.
  13. That poor girl in Bristol - students are only up this early of they've been pulling an all nighter so no wonder she said it was a bit early for a toasted cheese sandwich when Scott made her taste it!
  14. Various people at Radio 1 do look at the site and we've had lots of mentions - a thread of mine was mentioned by Jo Whiley once *glows with pride*.
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