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What's been your favourite bit of Scott Mills on Radio 1?

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We've asked the question before... but now we've a definitive time period to choose from - the last 24 years!

I think the takeaway guy definietly helped boost Scott into the spotlight at a time when online video was becoming a thing. It was an era before the podcast and social media, but thanks to Unofficial Mills recording clips and some YouTube fanatics, it was hugely popular!

Although we've moved on from an era of prank calls, it's definetly what got me listening every day. It made Scott's humour stand out to me, and made me realise he was different to other Radio 1 DJs.

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Love this topic! There have been so many memorable moments, I listened when ‘the ladies’ bras’ was a thing. Then I went to uni and didn’t tune in again until I was 30. 

i have listened back to old podcasts here, and some of my favourite moments have been since Chris joined. The Innuendo Bingos. Beccy rapping Gangnam style was amazing.

but, my personal favourite is much more recent. October 2020. The Margaret Covid Bamboleo Wednesday. Had me in a heap on the kitchen floor, might have been the hysteria of the times, but Scott & Chris handled the start of the pandemic so well I think credit is deserved 🙌

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3 hours ago, radio1fan said:

Late night Innuendo Bingo, Lolathon 2017. Need I say more? 

Literally came to say this. 02:30 in the morning, it was like a weird dream! The 'Jazz FM' clip being the highlight. The first Lolathon the best they did imo!

I do vaguely remember listening to some of the prank call stuff on drivetime when I was younger.. it's good some of it's still on YouTube. 

Scott's prank on Chris with Jennifer Aniston must be up there as well..

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