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Greg is the new Breakfast Show host as Nick Grimshaw quits


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Some actual show descriptions have appeared in the schedule:

16:00 Nick Grimshaw 03/09/2018 Nick is back with a brand new show and he's holding auditions for various roles.
18:00 Nick Grimshaw 03/09/2018 Nick picks the best Beyonce song and is reunited with his favourite...Annie Mac 

16:00 Nick Grimshaw 04/09/2018 "Don't Call It A Comeback" is your chance to get something back in fashion 
18:00 Nick Grimshaw 04/09/2018 Nick picks the best Arctic Monkeys song!

16:00 Nick Grimshaw 05/09/2018 Alan Carr is taking calls in the Celebrity Call Centre. 
18:00 Nick Grimshaw 05/09/2018 Nick picks the best Britney Spears song! 

16:00 Nick Grimshaw 06/09/2018 Nick's auditions for roles in the new show comes to a close. 
18:00 Nick Grimshaw 06/09/2018 Nick picks the best Eminem song!

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Sounds like something big for Breakfast tomorrow morning - Chris Sawyer has tweeted from an undisclosed Travel Lodge - "Find out where I am at 7:40am tomorrow. This is the most stupid thing we've done yet. No apologies". 

Surprised they're allowed to do something the same day that Grimmy starts drivetime, but I'm not complaining! 

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22 minutes ago, Acelink said:

Game of Phones was also a feature of Saturday night takeaway but since that’s going to be off for a year I’m sure Ant and Decs version will be forgotten about by time they are back :giggle:

Well, these are good features, tbf :D It's just weird to have the same thing both in the morning and afternoon. I reckon, Greg might not have listened to Grimmy when he came up with though. He invited Joe Lycett on his first show and they did it, it was good, so he invited Iain and Roisin to do it too. It developed in quite an organic way. 

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