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  1. Sounds like something big for Breakfast tomorrow morning - Chris Sawyer has tweeted from an undisclosed Travel Lodge - "Find out where I am at 7:40am tomorrow. This is the most stupid thing we've done yet. No apologies". Surprised they're allowed to do something the same day that Grimmy starts drivetime, but I'm not complaining!
  2. Radio 1 is far too scared of "creating" another Moyles-style personality centred show, they're taking away aspects of ownership, creativity and ego of the shows, and are in danger of making the breakfast show too sterile again! I want the Greg James Breakfast Show, not Greg standing in for Grimmy with a few new features...
  3. I would put money on a couple of moos appearing mid song as well! Feature that obviously started with the name (my favourites)!
  4. What I liked about Dev is that he always pretended that his show was an absolute shambles, and shared it like a secret with the listeners, and that's what gave it the charm his weekend breakfast show always had. You felt part of a little gang, but that doesn't really work with Alice as well. I think it's a case of them finding a different presenting style together, which is going to take a while because they've almost been 'forced' together for this show....
  5. I never really listened solidly to Moyles, I remember hearing in the news when he was doing that world record show, and Fearne Cotton agreed to do the livestream in a swimsuit and the Radio 1 website crashed... I first started listening one summer in 2012, when Sara Cox was covering Fearne's show, and gradually listened to the other shows at uni, and got hooked on the podcasts for train journeys home and back! Scott and Greg made me the radio nerd! I feel like I definitely missed on some excellent years of Scott's though! Listened from the Pippa and Travis years of Greg, though!
  6. That's a dubiously photoshopped photo of Jordan North with Mollie, there! The schedule certainly is a mess at the moment - I would hope they're all in their own shows once Greg starts breakfast!!
  7. I can understand why people would have liked the show more when Matt Fincham was producing it, with Fiona, Tina and Ian on for the various features, but I agree in that recently, there's fairly little to it now aside from 5 minute celebrity interviews that are cut between 3 or 4 songs. It hasn't been treated like the landmark show of one of the biggest radio stations in the UK. He's certainly not been allowed to go out with a bang, and I think that that's harsh on him, bearing in mind what he's had to directly follow 'The Saviour of Radio 1', change the demographic and the music dense shows these days! Listening to the breakfast show and Dev and Alice's drivetime stint recently, it does make you appreciate what Greg, Scott and Matt have done to produce great features every week that you look forward to (i.e. Bamboleo, Bangers, the WhoooooooOOoooo game, What's My Age Again, etc.).
  8. Are those the bells from Scott Mills' Christmas single? I would love a solid stupid chaotic start from Greg, I can't help thinking it'll be a 10 second link and 3 songs in a row though!
  9. Oooh that's exciting! At least they're changing things other than just the presenter (I'm assuming)! The Chris Smith stuff aside, I'm sure Greg has been working very hard on this show, and I'm looking forward to listening to the first one! A Radio 1 Breakfast Show from a big radio nerd is going to be a good thing!
  10. I think Jordan should have a proper weekly show, radio nerds are the best DJs, but if there's no space, I'm glad he's getting plenty of cover! I would hope that he was given assurances about how much he would be on given that he's moved down to London specifically for the job!
  11. The best radio is when the whole Radio 1 Family comes together, I think! It's why I love shows when all of the DJs come on and get a bit of freedom. Non-Innuendo Bingo with Greg James during the LOLathon was one of my favourite bits of radio ever (Chris Sawyer producing again), and I even enjoyed Fearne Cotton's last show, even though I didn't particularly gravitate towards her show normally (except the Versus segments with Zane Lowe). It's why I want Real Or No Real back! (Scott, Chris and Greg laughing about Bruce Forsyth being older than cubed ice , etc.)
  12. I have to say, Grimmy excelled with the Manchester Arena bombing show - the tone was spot on throughout, and guiding a nation of young people through such a tragedy was one of his best judged and needed breakfast shows. I'd be interested in a revealing Greg interview that addresses his on-air partnership with Chris Smith and his attitude towards his new breakfast show next!
  13. A final radio moment with Chris Smith would be a difficult listen, I think! Definitely worth tuning in for Greg's last drive time show! Well done on the petition and Twitter account, OohErr, it's spread about on Twitter a fair bit. Chris has actually replied to a tweet that quotes the link to it (obviously he doesn't acknowledge it though). A few suggestions on Twitter that it was his choice not to move to breakfast which is interesting. I admit, I did immediately jump to a more cynical reason given the tone of the announcement and the uncertainty of his move directly after the announcement of Greg getting the show, but I'm sure he'll just see the petition as proof of how much he brings to Greg's show and podcast!
  14. I listened back tot he podcast this morning and I was struck by how dignified Chris was when they announced it. Greg was obviously gutted/upset at having to announce it, and Chris spent the whole time making jokes about it and making Greg feel more comfortable at having the decision go public. I wasn't expecting a Moyles-esque rant, but he's taking it as well as the BBC could have hoped. I do wonder if the reason that this was up in the air at the time of the announcement is that bosses think Greg might not have moved to breakfast without one of his best friends moving too (cynical thinking, though!). Fingers crossed for an independent podcast with Chris and the team with all of the silliness then?
  15. I get that they need to make the show appealing to a younger audience, but I've always thought that the key is get something that younger parents can enjoy so that Radio 1 is in the car in the first place, and I think Greg and Chris have always been able to get that middle portion of the venn diagram - Chris as Father Christmas is excellent with children, and they get younger callers regularly on Whats My Age Again. Thinking about it, they get younger callers than Grimmy's current breakfast show. Moving Chris to mornings opens up a spot for another 'main' Newbeat' presenter, and would be a good time to get a new, younger, fun newsreader who can interact with the other daytime shows. Unless it's because Newbeat is being slimmed down a lot, and Chris holds too many 'roles' to be able to just go to breakfast? I don't know much about Newbeat, really. Definitely get that petition to the That's What He Said fan account on Twitter, I bet they'll all gutted as well. Can't imagine that the loss of the podcast as a consequence of losing Chris Smith will sit comfortably at all with Greg - it's got a loving, interactive devoted fanbase, and has been a great help with the mental health of some listeners, reading between the lines of some of the emails that Greg and Chris don't read out. Greg in breakfast is still a great thing, but taking away Chris is pissing on the bonfire for Greg and the listeners, frankly.
  16. Boooo. Greg can't be happy about that, Chris Smith is one of his best friends, and has contributed a lot to the show over the years...I would say that the best bits of the podcast/show are when they're messing about (e.g. Tiny Terry and Tiny Ken, CERN receptionists, Butter Monster, Tea 20 commentary, and What's My Age Again to a degree). It seemed such an obvious decision to make as well, can't understand the reasoning for not letting him....I hope they're not trying to put a square peg into a round hole with Greg and his breakfast show by making him do a show that's not him.
  17. Breakfast show wish list: Proper links Less music Less inane celebrity interviews that only last 6 minutes, split by 3 songs Greg, Grace, Chris Sawyer with Chris Smith doing the news - zoo format please Brand new features that aren't solid blocks of music (bonus if the feature isn't split by a song) Chance of any of it happening? Unlikely, unfortunately. I had hoped that one of the things that the Greg had proved to the bosses with the Pedal to the Peaks challenge, and the touching stories that came out of it as a result, was that people listen to the radio for DJs as well as the music, and are invested in their lives, and want to hear more from them, and are in fact a great comfort to a lot of people. You can go anywhere for non-stop music, people specifically come to Radio 1 for the DJs as well as the music. It's why radio podcasts have the followings that they do (Scott Mills Daily regularly charts, and look at the Elis James and John Robins Podcast). One of the complaints of Radio 1 I here frequently is that the playlist is repeated every daytime show, pretty much - proper length links and slightly less music would certainly help that!
  18. I hope North Star caller makes it in over the Christmas period, I don't really enjoy Star Caller that much when it's the Script/Olly Murs/the Vamps, etc to be honest, but there is something very heart warming about little children calling Father Christmas, and I think it would fit in the breakfast slot really well! I do enjoy What's My Age again, just for the questions that they make each other laugh with, but I can't see many of his features coming over. I would say that Greg and the management would want to start fresh with the breakfast show with new features/new branding etc. It's not everyday you relaunch your flagship show!
  19. Glad Ben Cooper is finally reading this forum! I have to say, I think that Greg's iteration of the breakfast show will probably be better for not having to follow Chris Moyles' show - after getting rid of him, Radio 1 had to back their reasoning up and become very focussed on making a show different to the Moyles show, and be seen to actively go after younger listeners, and retrospectively, I would have hated for Greg to have been constrained as much as Grimmy has been in the slot. Having the show now means that Greg should (fingers crossed) have a bit of freedom to make it The Greg James Breakfast Show, and bring in his team, the sound effects and the messing about that make him such a good listen. I would think Tina Daheley would probably use this as a good time to leave Radio 1 for more newsy stuff elsewhere in the BBC, and they would be idiotic to not let Chris Smith move to breakfast instead. Ideally Chris Swayer and Grace (and Sophie?) would be the breakfast team, too! And does this mean no more Rita Ora on breakfast?
  20. I think Greg could work on breakfast with his team if they were allowed to develop their own features and bring their existing chemistry over - if they had to continue with the same old celebrity interviews of Rita Ora/Keith Lemon/Paddy McGuinness that were cut up with too much music, it would be a massive waste of Greg and his team. Greg would work with more freedom for longer links and less reliance on 'big names' etc., unless that's just my age showing through!
  21. I heard a bit of Adele Roberts in for Maya Jama this weekend and really liked what I heard - she'd moved some of her features into the Greatest Hits show and I have to say, it made it a much better show than what the Greatest Hits show normally is on a Saturday. It's easy to forget how listenable and capable Adele is as a broadcaster, she deserves a day time slot really. Bit of a pipe dream, but maybe there would be room if Greg, Chris, Chris and Grace went to breakfast as a more zoo format show, Scott and Chris to drive, and Adele 1 till 4? Also, hi everyone (long time lurker, first time poster - WhooooOOOOOOOOOooo)!
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