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Radio 1 New Imaging


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She keeps herself very quiet online doesn't she? I was trying to stalk her, but her Twitter is private and she has no website with demos or anything like most voice artists do. How did she land a Radio 1 gig with virtually no online presence? I was under the impression Radio 1 thought online content was the future... ;-)

She was found by Dan Mumford through a Children's TV audition that she did - he talks about it on the Earshot Review from June last year when they first launched the PureJingles stuff

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This whole new set of voiceovers and ID's is the biggest mistake to hit radio 1 in years. Since the April 2012 changes Pure Jingles have had some fantastic jingles, admittedly they have slipped a little in the last few years but generally they've been full of energy and vibrant. Now I feel we've gone back in time with younger voices of a 14 year old, and people with accents. This'll knock Ben Cooper for 6 if Scotland votes gut independence, cue the next refresh.

The Newsbeat change I can just about take. This is v3 since Koink produced it back in 2011. The last version was clear and informative, this is not clear. Still, St least the music's the same.

Switching onto Grimmy's return on Monday morning, I was nervous like I sometimes get on his first day back after his holidays. Not because I join the other morons in the UK and do my best to hate him, but because usually R1 see his returns from holidays as an opportunity to change the Breakfast show jingles. Thankfully, not this time round. But I was certain there would be changes last Monday as rumoured, and was relieved throughout most of the day to hear not many changes. But come 4:30...OMG. 😠

I'd like to think it's a temporary fix but I think I'm in cloud cuckoo land with that theory.

Thank god for Sound Cloud and the memories.

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