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  1. Travis is AP for all weekend shows, not just Matt.
  2. tr15

    Chart Day

    Its moving to Monday 5:30, during Greg's show.
  3. Well, the majority of this forum seems to like her, and I think with a few more features she DOES have potential. There are a few DJs on the station that make me cringe like crazy, but I want to keep it positive and less bitchy and talk about the things I do like!
  4. I'd like to see Alice Levine cover for Scott sometime soon. I think she has the potential to take over when Scott leaves!
  5. Gemma hasn't even got one whole week after that! Yasser from Asian Network is covering 28th and 29th May.
  6. I find it strange why they don't just simulcast with 1xtra. Monki is a part of Radio 1 anyway!
  7. Please just bring Pete Allison back - the other Student Radio Winners aren't humourus enough for Radio 1 - they just sound scripted.
  8. It seems they'll be using the same voices for Radio 1's imaging.
  9. Yes! I got an Unofficial Mills birthday message today! (I won't be drinking lots of wine though, because I'm too young!)
  10. Also, Scott's got breakfast for 17th-1st May!
  11. Turns out Annie is taking THREE weeks off
  12. Cel stood in for dan and phil a few times too - it was ok
  13. It'll be announced in a few weeks who will take over the Sunday 4-7 slot. Who do we think will take over? I'm sadly thinking 3 hour long Internet Takeover.
  14. Overall I think this is good. I predicted this a while back! Feet Up Friday did start to sound stale and it's the right time for it to go IMO. Shame that Clara only had it for a few months though! Wish 17:45 newsbeat on a Friday would go, too (or be reduced to 5-10 mins) (btw radioanorak, Cel Spellman's CBBC show won't be on Radio 1, it'll be on CBBC)
  15. Seems pretty last minute.
  16. I pleasantly enjoyed Sarah-Jane yesterday, she was good, especially with only 1 hour prep! Kind of think a Sarah-Jane and Gemma swap would be good. However, it would kind of be stepping in the wrong direction for Gemma, as she was promoted from 1xtra
  17. Adele seems to be off and Phil Taggart is away (probs at SXSW) so Sarah-Jane's on. Anyone noticed a lot of the female DJs taking a load of time off lately? Also, Clara's in for Fearne again on Monday, that might be something to do with Fearne being pregnant though.
  18. I've heard most of these on air and they are sounding good! Scott and Dev seem to use them.
  19. Good to have another student radio presenter on, apart from that, the whole schedule seems quite predictible. Clara isn't on as it seems she's away, as Scott is doing the chart on the 5th April. Annie seems to be away at Coachella or some festival too (from 30th-10th April) which seems strange as she's just started. Dan & Phil on as it's the first Monday of the month. Also, does anyone else think Greg's taking quite a lot of holidays lately? He'll be off on the 9th and 10th, too.
  20. They haven't changed Trevor Nelson's on 1xtra either. A sign perhaps?
  21. Still more time for more Zane. He's doing a FKA twigs documentary for Radio 1 Stories next week. Strange that they didn't put it on before he left!
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