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Scott Mills Autobiography - Love You, Bye


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Can someone who has had the book let me know is their colour photographs in the book, I'm thinking of getting the kindle version, but I hate it when you end up with black and white photos.

yeah theyre colour in the book

And I won't sit down,

And I won't shut up,

But most of all I will not grow up <3

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yet more chances to win the book on www.celebritain.com - although I cannot seem to find out WHERE on the Site?!

Good luck everybody... even where to find the competition to get the book is prize worthy in itself !! :rolleyes:

It's quite complicated.. I applied for it and I'm not sure if it was accepted as I didn't receive an e-mail back..

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Got it for £11.99 delivered in store to Smiths. I need it before Saturday 22nd so I can go to the signing!

:o Castlepoint?! I can't wait, I cry everytime I think about it. I'm getting there as early as possible, do you think I'll be one of the first to get there if I show up at 9? What time will you be turning up?

If you see a mental teenage girl, having masses of fangirl breakdowns, say hi. xD

OMASM. Radio presenters are like fruit. Matt is my kumquat and Scott is blatantly my orange.

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