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What rocks in your life?


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Strange, I've been thinking about this site today. I remember the predecessor to this thread was called 'How Was Your Day' years and years ago.

I can't sleep so I've repaired my old PC tower and wired it up, got onto an old external hard drive too with loads of old Scott Mills shows I recorded for the site between 2005-2007.

Strange hearing some of the old tracks that was on the Radio 1 playlist back then, Goldie Lookin Chain - RnB, Oasis - Let There Be Love. Kanye West - Heard Em Say, and that awful 'Stick Wit U' track by the Pussycat Dolls has cropped up in some of the shows.


It's hard to believe it's been that long ago, digging up the old 'Your Views' threads too. Good to hear Chappers & Laura on some of these.

on the grid.

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Oh DC, please please PLEASE find a way of getting all of them online somewhere. That amazing collection can't go unshared. Even if it involves going to an internet café (whooooooo) where the upload speeds are better. We need all of that classic (ish) Mills.

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