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  1. Dave Pearce will return with the rest of the gypsy clan to teach Annie Mac how to mix properly.
  2. While recently having an internal cleanout of my servers, I stumbled across the original copy of the bible.
  3. I have voted for her a few times. I'd smash her back doors in with my exclamation mark.
  4. I've been at war with this guy since 1953.
  5. We don't do things in a sexual manner like you humans. When i meant eating out, i meant it. You know when you're sleeping at night and you leave your mouth open? Say no more...
  6. I celebrated by eating out tonight, spiders are welcome at kfc.
  7. Gregs pearents timed his conceivement so he would be born on my birthday. Happy birthday Greg!
  8. I sadly have to crawl the web for pictures of Madonna, and all i see of late is lots of blue veins and possible plastic surgery. Happy Birthday Viv!
  9. I finally got the exclamation mark registered on my birth certificate today.
  10. Do you love me like a long lost son? Or are you just telling me that while you're sleeping with Jeeves like all the others!? I reckon it's his shiny head and dickie bow that does it.
  11. That google spider is after me! He said he's gonna put me in a glass and throw me outside if i crawl here again!



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