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Baftas 2008


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Was very pleased to see Peep Show get best sitcom, and of course Harry Hill getting his two awards... his acceptance speech was funny, he did the "ear cataracts??" thing from TV Burp, haha.

Does anyone know anything about Andrew Garfield btw? He's hot... I'd never heard of him before last night. :P

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I didn't watch the bafta but heard harry's acceptance speech which was rather funny. Amazingly there are still no clips up on youtube which is surprising. Here's what wikapedia says about Andrew Garfield can't remember him in sugar rush.



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Looks like one of the few award ceremonies that got things right. A little surprised 'The Street' (no idea) won an award over Skins.

'The Street' was a brilliant drama of different family situations each week.

Deserved to win.

So glad the Apprentice won nowt. Most were well deserved :) Love Brucie !


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