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  1. Believe it or not, if you stand by running water at the sink when peeling/chopping onions it doesn't make your eyes water :shock: It works for me anyway. Labour saving device, something that keeps dust out of my house. As soon as you dust its back again
  2. Well isn't this a happy thread to start the weekend rolling I agree with DC the end is nigh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Is Moyles leaving the breakfast show ??????
  4. That was the fashion back in them there days haha
  5. Do not normally watch this, the food looked lovely. Chappers did deserve to win, his food looked well nice Do not believe they do all that in 20 mins tho ! Why did Scott say he prefered radio when his all over ( nearly ) the tv at the moment ? Nice seeing them both tho
  6. YES YES there is a god !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks for putting that up Jono saves me listening again. Twas a beautiful song and who would have thought Pendulam would choose sometime like that. Aled rules the Surgery Blast ..... you have to buy the whole Album off of itunes :cry:
  8. Extreme texting How bad is their driving ? surley they do not take a test to drive like that .
  9. I do not know what they are saying in the jingles!!!
  10. So sad yet so funny at the same time. Serves the prat right, what a stupid way to propose.
  11. She seems to drink everything else !!!
  12. Happy Birthday mike Hope its a good one x x
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