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Sam and Danni and Scott Mills up for Arias


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Great to see Sam and Danni up for best new presenter this year. 

Scott Mills is in the running for best music entertainment show. 

Greg is up for best music breakfast show, Jordan is up for the comedy award for his podcast and Radio 1 is nominated for station sound. 

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    • That’s a very good point. Matt and Mollie are (in a good way) sounding very much like peak Vick & Jordan at the moment, especially with their anecdotes and listener questions.
    • I also don’t think it helps that it’s now a whole new production team - they lost both Sophie (to breakfast) and Roushan (to produce Matt and Mollie) in the space of a month which I don’t think is ideal. I reckon the show now just needs some time to bed in with the new producers and try and find its feet again. There are definitely some good ideas there but I think it does just feel like a less good imitation of the old Going Home at the moment.
    • I suppose that’s the main issue for the show. Jordan and Vick were so strong together and despite how random stuff was it all worked perfectly and was clearly crafted well, and I think the current Going Home is trying to replicate it but have no idea how to do it.
    • Surely part of the issue is that they are trying to recreate some of the chaos that used to happen with Jordan. The difference being that Jordan is one of the best DJs of the current time and knew exactly what he was doing to make great radio.  It is even more apparent now that he is on Capital and can be so tight and slick with his links.  He still has the odd funny mis-speak but it is obvious now how crafted the chaos was with him on Going Home to make great radio. In Jamie's case it is just random chaos.
    • The final link was appalling and clearly Jamie just isn’t cut out for live radio. ‘underrated fruit’ is such a boring and basic segment to have along with the ‘office’ joke and I think Jamie is trying to hard to fit in with DJs and it clearly isn’t his thing, same with Danny Beard.
    • I was going to try and be fair but then heard the final link of today's show and my goodness it was Danny Beard type fare because of Jamie. The content was appalling ('which fruit is the most underrated','off' and 'ice' combined together spells office) and the delivery just as bad. They've tried to give Jamie the best chance - having him be Mollie's maternity cover alongside Matt and now putting him with two pros like Katie and Vick. You couldn't ask for better DJs to be put alongside.  However he still isn't getting any better. The show simply does not need Jamie - I listened on the occasions he was away last week and the show was just far better without him. The issue with the quality of the show when Jamie is on is further highlighted by having Matt & Mollie on before who are only a few weeks into weekdays but already sound on top of their game.
    • To be fair to Jamie, his attendance record isn’t exactly his fault and it doesn’t show that he’s uncommitted. Jordan’s shock departure meant they had to throw this show together and they’d didn’t have time to make everything work out. For that reason it’s likely that Jamie had all these prior commitments when he was offered the show and was told he could do the show and keep his commitments. If the Jordan situation was better they could’ve launched a long time later when Jamie was freer. 
    • I think its sad that i dont listen anymore. Vick&Katie are both great and i have always been a huge fan of everything Katie does but i just cant listen with him on. I dont get it and camt relate sadly. Hoping he will go at some point. Matt&Mollie are smadhing the new show just wish i did not have to switch over at 3.30
    • They used to update it even if one of Vick or Jordan was solo:   https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001ssnb
    • Jeremiah is no longer listed to appear with Vick and Katie but is still listed for the Saturday evening show with Charlie Tee.
    • I guess the difference is that the show titles include all 3, so doesn’t need to be edited to include anyone? Whereas Going Home V1 had to add Katie in whenever someone was off? Agree on the features, I really like the “Airing Your Dirty Laundry” as that results in some really funny stories. I think it’s probably time to end Something Songs, it just sticks out a little bit now as they don’t do features at 4pm on the other days…  Personally think they could do with something like “Musical Mindreader” everyday around 5:30pm. A shorter feature which means they can still talk to Jack afterwards. Some days he’s too busy & others they’re filling for them, so it is a bit messy. 
    • Agree with the above views. Jamie is still fine and he seems like a decent guy (or at least is able to act like one), but his attendance record really makes me question his position on the show. If he was so desperate for a radio shift then they should’ve put him on Friday early breakfast to prove his commitment.    The other thing I’m not really impressed with overall is the fact that the show seems to veer into generic awkward questions that have tenuous links to something going on. When the election took place they spent 30 minutes discussing words beginning with ‘E,’ which felt very Danny Beard-like in my opinion. This is probably a production decision because they’re all capable of engaging topics, as were Vick and Jordan before, and only seems to happen when it’s Vick and Katie alone. Do they deliberately downplay the pair so that the show seems better when Jamie is there? Vick mentioned on air how Jamie is Aled’s favourite and seems to have a lot of leeway with him, so he must be really keen to establish him, although I do think that ultimately the trio won’t stay together for more than a year or a year and a half, even if schedule changes elsewhere force them apart.    Features wise, it’s nice they’ve done some new things, and they’re definitely better than Judge Jordan. Moving the Something Songs to once a week makes sense given the show is quite short and they now have a handover with Jack most days.    Oh, and I wish they’d update the show page on BBC Sounds for which presenters are on each show like they used to with Vick and Jordan. I thought they weren’t doing this so social media/the press wouldn’t pick up on Jamie’s attendance record, but they don’t update it for RMC either so I’m guessing it must be a pain to constantly update the page every day (which is something that they’d probably have to do given that it seems Jamie is away most days). Oh, and fair play to Vick who has had only one week off since the show relaunched in March.  
    • I just gave up completely I'm afraid. Will Manning on Capital is a much more pleasant listen even if I prefer Radio 1's music.
    • It's been a few months now and I listen most days while working, overall it's definitely not as good as Going Home V1. But, I do still enjoy the format...I like the way it moves onto something else every half an hour & that there's plenty of listener interaction with the questions etc. For me, the biggest issue with the show is Jamie. He seems like a nice enough chap, and I've even found him to be quite amusing/endearing at times. But I think his personality is much better suited to a podcast environment, because he says things which are too random, veering off course & he doesn't really respect the tight format of a show like this. Aled has clearly tried to make him 'work', as he has been paired with Matt, done some shows with Spencer Matthews & now apart of the Going Home trio, but I don't think he ever really will 'work'...for a whole host of reasons like I said above & the un-relatability factor. Just Vick & Katie together are superior, and it really shows up the fact that Jamie isn't needed - which doesn't help of course that he is off quite a bit, so you regularly get to hear this version of the show anyway. Ranking the pairings we have: 1st = Vick & Katie 2nd = Katie & Jamie 3rd = Vick & Jamie Katie is the glue that holds the show together & is the real reason I persist with it. She's much better at keeping Jamie in check & that is obvious during shows when it's just Vick & Jamie. They're virtually unlistenable imo.
    • Ellie Brennan in for OJ Borg last night and tonight (it was originally listed as Phil Williams). Gaby Roslin is on breakfast tomorrow and for the next couple of weeks  
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