Scott Mills wins Gold at the Arias


Scott Mills wins Gold at the Arias


Scott Mills has won an Arias radio award for his BBC Radio 2 afternoon show, less than two years after he replaced Steve Wright.

Mills, who started the afternoon show in October 2022, was awarded Gold for Best Music Entertainment Show.

The radio presenter is currently out of the country, commentating for the BBC at Eurovision, but received the trophy from fellow commentator Rylan.

On social media he paid tribute to his afternoon show predecessor Steve Wright.

He wrote: “This award is an amazing affirmation for everyone’s hard work on my show.

“Following in the footsteps of one of the best broadcasters in the world like Steve Wright was never going to be easy. But we will never forget the kindness and generosity Steve paid towards us. I hope we are doing you proud Steve.”

Scott paid tribute to his production team, traffic presenter Bobbie, Ben Stones and Emilio Porto, as well as Radio 2 boss Helen Thomas for the trust “to build a show I’m so incredibly proud of”.

He added: “But, most of all, the biggest thanks goes to YOU my listeners that have joined in the fun.”

Watch the moment he found out about his win below.


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