Unofficial Mills was created in 2004 as an ICT project by 15-year-old Jono Read. The website, complete with sound clips, forums, and website news was quickly boosted into the spotlight by Radio 1 fans. It started to receive regular mentions on-air and became one of the few unofficial resources for Radio 1 on the internet.

It quickly became apparent some free hosting was not going to suffice for Unofficial Mills and so Jono has invested money for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who arrive at Unofficial Mills every year. From paying for website design to expertise in coding, website hosting and bandwidth, or forum software this website does not come cheap.

Fourteen years on and the website remains alive. We have tried to avoid intrusive adverts on the website, but with the success of the website, costs could to escalate. If you have enjoyed visiting this website please consider donate using PayPal.