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28 minutes ago, ianwilk1999 said:

It's in a bit of a state at the moment. Nat Vicky and Ore is not good a good show at all. Where has that even come from. I can't understand why they've put Ore in there?

everyone seems so grumpy lol 

i guess it was last minute illness from dean. 

vicky and ore have worked together in the past outside R1 if i recall.

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26 minutes ago, ianwilk1999 said:

Vicky and Ore have done a show together yes but so have Vicky and Nat. Originally it was Dean and Nast, so why the need all of a sudden for 3 presenters in one show. The place feels upside down at the moment

There are 3 presenters on all the shows today. Arielle & Sian were on with Matt this morning and Jack is joining Sam & Danni on Going Home

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24 minutes ago, ianwilk1999 said:

Time to go back to the basics I feel. Play some good songs and entertain the audience with some good presenter content, not silly games with random presenters. I can see why some people have said it's turned cringe recently. 

Any chance we can have Scott and Chris back with Granny Tinder?

Scott and Chris were the kings of silly games though but I get your point lol.

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Presume that's just due to show length. The game takes 2 hours (1 hour + 30 min before + 30 min after). The breakfast show is 3.5 hours long. But the lunchtime show is only 2.5 hours long. So imagine they're just sticking around for the extra 30 mins.

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Ore was ok on early breakfast but does generally just do shouts and other peoples features. It's hard to know what he stands for. I wouldn't say he's that strong as a presenter and has to be carried to get anything from him. Today I have to agree with what's been said above that the show wasn't very good. There aren't many times we have to turn it off here, but all 4 of us agreed, that was one of them.

It feels upside down at the moment.

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4 hours ago, Rob86 said:

From what I’ve heard - this Nat, Vicky and Ore show is a really horrible mess.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement then for the future of Radio 1. Maybe some of them will improve over time but they don't seem particularly to be at the calibre of say Katie, Arielle or Matt who are a perfect 'safe pair of hands' on whatever show they are given.

Nat seems to feel like part of that Manchester group including Dean & Vicky who were promoted too far too soon . Can't help thinking as time goes on that those 2022 changes were a bit of a misstep.

If they wanted shows outside London then Katie Thistleton easily could've done a show plus within a year anyway Sam & Danni were doing shows outside London.

Also Ore seems to be the go-to 'emergency' cover at the moment. Whatever happened to Gregor Davidson?

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It wasn't good at all. I do feel like Katie thistleton should be moved up to daytime now, it's long overdue.

I'm not sure what they see in Ore either, I find him a bit flat and basic, I don't know what he stands for. He's also struggled to do anything other than shouts, or talk about himself and how he's from London. For comparison, James Cusack's shows have been far better in terms of quality, his warmth and what he's about and a huge leap in entertainment factor. 

Both Katie and James should be on more

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    • I do think if you distracted by talking you wouldn’t put a podcast on in the car. To me unless you used to driving so often that you don’t get distracted and drive for long distances it feels suited to podcasts. I find it odd including Ryan Seacrest or Howard Stern as I don’t know who listens to them in the U.K. Can imagine Chris Evans distracting and annoying on radio in general same for Chris Moyles. I can imagine Scott as not too distracting maybe even in his radio 1 days although if I was a driver I could find Innuendo Bingo or Funny Business distracting based on the humour of the features but Scott’s got a very soft gentle tone of voice doesn’t come across as loud or in your face. I think when you are on in the working day where people maybe listening as said in car, in the office or tradespeople on a job listening to the radio theres a certain style needed
    • Yes, good on you doing your own music blog website. I get that point with the 100% all new music can be alienating but think thats more if the station were to do more totally new bands and artists the thing that new music shows that preceded Jack have always have reflected big artists national and international who have been around for a while be that few years to a decade or two whether playing new stuff from artists to Dua Lipa, Coldplay or Nia Archives. I find its bizarre how music curation has changed a lot in the last decade as what I like of what radio can do well is that ability to hear an audible description of a new artist and information about their music with sense of opinion and thought from the presenter and an interview with the switch to sound features and spotify playlists. It’s not that same magazine effect that Steve Lamarq and Jo Whiley could be an audible magazine show like the NME to Zane Lowe’s radio 1 show complimenting Gonzo which Saunders has revived for MTV
    • I would argue against that, I once drove my car into a post listening to Scott Mills.  But it was back in the day, he was doing Stupid Street with Chappers at the time!
    • My perspective when saying ‘alienating’  was from a listener , a new listener to a new music show where every track is unfamiliar can be alienating. When I used to run a music blog website and took my eye off the ball it could be hard to get finger back on pulse. I remember first listening to after 7pm on radio 1 and it feeling like a different world of music completely as a teenager- I think this format knocks them barriers down and makes a smooth transition from daytime playlists to new music show  taking listener deeper down as show progresses yeah you are bang on with setting the agenda - what a great influential role to have  
    • Fair play to Jordan north who’s got himself to 5th least distracting, but Greg has managed 8th MOST distracting, and Rickie who is 12th most distracting.
    • 29th April has Alyx Holcombe in for Daniel P Carter on the Rock show and Nels Hylton in for Alyx on Introducing Rock. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday 6th May (May Day Bank Holiday) schedules are completely different. Looks like it's a Countdown to Radio 1's Big Weekend day. Changed timeslots in the morning as well with no presenters listed. 6am-10am (Breakfast slot changed from 7am-10:30am) 10am-1pm (Mid morning/early afternoon slot changed from 10:30-12:45pm) 1pm-3:30pm (As normal) 3:30pm-6pm (No Newsbeat) 6pm-8pm (Replaces New Music Show) Rest of evening schedule as normal.
    • What does that even mean? 😂
    • Not sure what it really means, but Scott Mills is one of the least distracting DJs according to new research. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-13283609/Most-distracting-radio-podcast-hosts-driving-revealed-Mark-Wright-Chris-Evans-list.html It says Radio 1 though, which is not only inaccurate, but also I can only imagine it applying to his Radio 2 show. How many sounds effects did he used to play on Radio 1, ha.
    • I would rather do the new music show than the breakfast show early starts, being cheery and entertaining isn’t my vibe and being hip and on trend. With new music it’s a different kettle of fish that could get my teeth into and enjoy researching and planning of the show and coming up with ideas and making my mark in away that I don’t think I have the ideas for a breakfast. I don’t see how it could be alienating but I enjoy the niche and speciality of expertise that new music shows gives it’s good spot of giving you the headlines and setting the agenda of mainstream music.
    • Absolutely, Jack is such an incredible broadcaster already, incredibly entertaining with such brilliant music knowledge and his excitement is contagious, I've never really listened to New Music Shows like Future Sounds but I'm instantly invested in new music due to his show, as I'm sure many others are too.  yes the effects are a little strange but after listening back they're strangely charming when you get used to them. 
    • Jack has smashed it He was born for this show, he said he’d been dreaming of it and you could tell. Such passion and energy as always with Jack but in a show that can grab people’s attention and drag them down the rabbit hole of new music if you had a keen interest in discovering new music but haven’t in a while, new music shows can be alienating with no familiarity until you ‘get into it’ - the new show has ensured you can ease into to get back into sync . i love the Zane influences - he will be the forefront of where every emerging and returning artist wants to be with this show . Very excited for this chapter
    • Oh I though they were nbh studios   
    • Yes, I feel that unless it’s for a special sessions with a large ensemble band that for live sessions going out live on the radio. Never saw why they haven’t used the live lounge studio and feel that room could be used more.  
    • Interesting now Zane has for apple interviewed anything from an artists that have charted and doing less interviews with new and emerging talents chatting to Shakira, Usher, Kelly Clarkson and Shania Twain. Yes, that is a positive thing about Jack Saunders. Although I don’t mind it from time to time for a presenter to be honest and spill an unsavoury opinion about music on the station like Annie did with Fall Out Boy.
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