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Viewers complain about Daz advert


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An ad for Daz washing powder featuring the pop group Right Said Fred has been cleared by the advertising watchdog after complaints that it was unsuitable for children.

Five viewers complained, arguing that the ad was unsuitable for broadcast around children's television programmes, because of the use of the word "sexy" and the singer's "suggestive movements".

Some children were reported to have asked their parents what "sexy" meant.

But the ASA also noted that the dancing of a female character watching the band in a pub "was humorous, not sexual".


Amusing, I'm sure there have been far worst on the TV to complain about then that.

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i cant recall this advert to be honest.

but it's not the point, they should let their kids know about stuff like this as early as they can understand it. they need to know becuase as kids get older, some try stuff earlier than others you see. snobby loons, it's the way of the world they are just going to have to get over this.

on the grid.

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Ludicrous 'nanny state' nonsense.

If you can't explain the word 'sexy' to a child (even one who's just learned to speak), you don't deserve to be a parent.

Then try getting a 6 year old Spanish kid to pronounce the word 'can't' correctly, without having to explain why it is soooo important that he does!


'To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity'.

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