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  1. I have that entire show on a cd
  2. jembie

    Harry Potter Day!

    We are supposed to be having a Harry Potter day at home to watch all the previous films but it would take 12 hours so I think it might just have to be the previous 2!
  3. I have only ever heard Greg once on Dave. Mind you I never often hear the voice over as I have switched channel already
  4. I look forward to it. I love Vernon's style of presenting and he works really well with the rest of the Moyles team.
  5. I got offered a job in early May but I am still waiting to start as they haven't finished all the checks they have to do yet. I have to sign on still and still have to do stupid job search and now I have to go on a Back to work course because I have been signing of for 4 months. People keep asking me when am I starting my job and it is getting tedious now...
  6. Wo I have just read through the whole thread and there seems to be some things that are unanimous. I had no idea that Sara Cox was recorded. I thought with the shuffle it would have to be live even if there is no prizes. Things that Piss me off are not Jo Whiley herself but the way she just acts like a girlie around any guests at all. She is older than me for Gods sake and she has been in radio a long time to not be so unprofessional. And a lot of them are so young she could be their mother. I hate the way events such as the big weekend and any special band events are promoted to within an inch of it's (Or our) lives. Then I hate the fact that the DJs go on and on about "Oh It was so wonderful" "Sorry for going on about it if you weren't there but you missed a real treat" The fact that If I listen all day from Moyles to Mills then I have heard the same 10 songs 4 times and I am sick of them. There is no variety apart from on Edith's show where she plays somereally crap alternative stuff which is great but not really for 2 in the afternoon. I really love listening to Moyles in the morning as he makes me laugh but there are so many things about him that make me want to run down there and wring his neck. Like the way he super name drops. Mentioning stuff then saying "Oooh no I can't talk about it on air" THEN BLOODY DON'T MENTION IT THEN! He is the worst culprit for rubbing it in that he went to an event and we didn't. I also get annoyed when he will say I have a ticket to such and such tonight but I don't think I will go - People have spent a fortune paying for tickets to these shows ans he can just pick and choose if he is going or not. Above people have mentioned producre rachel but Aled is far worse. He is all corporate. All his twitters these days are don't forget to listen to this or that. I stopped reading his blog for the same reason and on air it is constant plugging and corporate bollocks. Oh and another thing. I joined the FB pages for Moyles and Mills but they are both the same they just both promote radio 1 as a whole. i thought they were just going to be about that show. That's it for now I think...
  7. I think he so is one for the ladies. Yeah sure he's gay but he doesn't let that stand in the way of his flirting. He is so sexy but doesn't mind who he's giving it up for until he's in private of course
  8. I voted George but I like Larry Lamb in Gavin & Stacey. Can't believe he is coming back to 'stenders, I hate Archie
  9. Thank you Jono :kiss: So is it OK if I clip it out and send it to Nigel?
  10. OK Thanks Jono. I have some time this afternoon I will do it myself for a change It is ages since I have done any audio clipping I should get back into it. Well can't even get listen again to work right now. Why does my computer have such an issue with the Iplayer!!
  11. Has anyone got the Oh What's occuring from the Number plate program with Nigel? (I know Nigel 2 quite well )
  12. Thank you so much. I actually agree. I never really liked Sara at weekends but she has taken this show and made it her own. She makes you laugh because she is just so normal. I love her warts and all stories of her life with "L-o-l-a and now Jacob I do like Jo Whiley but I think she belongs in the evenings when she doesn't have to be so mainstream.
  13. Please I would love the Sara montage from Oh What's occuring yesterday. I missed the show and I am not in a position to do it myself at the moment. It would make an awesome ringtone though don't you think? Thank you!! xxxx
  14. OK why would Andrew Lloyd Webber be a godfather for Natalie's child? Who is her partner? or does she have a famous dad??
  15. Who would have thought it would be Natalie???
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