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Return of RAJARs


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Will be and think it will be interesting to also see how figures for Capital Dance compared to Radio 1 Dance’s stuff. Would be good if BBC published stats for Dance and Relax streams but think a lot will be looking at competitors in reporting

My predictions is that Radio 4/2/1xtra likely to see some down figures. Radio 1 & 6Music up or (good place), 5 Live stable

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Today RAJAR stats have been published



Radio 1, Kiss and Capital are at all time lows. While talk radio stations at all time highs. 

Only real growth in youth market is Capital Dance which think for ravers and those who like to work out only DAB station that offer Dance Radio outside of Radio 1s dance programming 

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That’s not good reading for Radio 1 there! And especially Greg James - I think that’s lower than Grimmy ever went sadly so not quite sure what’s going on.


And Aled’s quote about lockdowns affecting their performance has confused me somewhat too, there hasn’t been any lockdowns for over a year now!

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Glad I wasn’t the only one who was confused by Aled’s quote about lockdown. Maybe a mistake?

I don’t think this is such bad news for Radio 1 - or Greg on Breakfast - because all youth stations are down. If you look at Matt Deegan’s blog, he states it’s higher % of older listeners who are going. There is just not enough younger people coming in to replace them. This is kinda good news for the Radio 1 team as it means the content is on target. There’s just a wider issue that the target audience doesn’t listen to radio overall as much. 

Adam Bowie’s blog states the % for which each show is down. We don’t know the numbers, so it’s hard to gauge too much. But it’s the first time we’ve had a breakdown of any sort:

Greg is down 7.9%
RM&C 12.4%
Scott & Chris 4.5%
Vick & Jordan 7.5%

The BBC Sounds data out today also shows Under 35’s listening and RM&C are the only daytime show not to make the Top 10, plus losing the highest %. Does not look great for them.

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  • 15-19s - down 2.9%

  • 20-24s - down 0.3%

  • 25-34s - down 8.2%

  • 35-44s - down 7.6%

  • 45-54s - down 4.5%

  • 55s-64s - down 19.7%

  • 65+ - down 0.8% (the oldies left are clinging on!)

The way I’m interpreting this is that older listeners left because of lockdown and haven’t come back.

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I'm surprised there hasn't been that connection with Rickie Melvin and Charlie. I wonder if they need more of a profile boost? Scott and Chris, and Greg are well established. Vick and Jordan have had a lot of publicity.

I'd do a big campaign around the live lounge again. I suspect during the pandemic it's been tricky to do it, but now it's back why not give it a big push? 

Personally I don't feel I hear enough about the live lounge anymore, yet it was integral to that show since the Jo Whiley years.

As someone pointed out, I reckon a lot of oldies are disappearing due to things like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. They're more news focused.

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