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Scott Mills in for Steve Wright on Radio 2

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Feels like a natural home for him. I think the format works better for him than the weekend shows, and the 5 Live stint shows he's versatile.

With Laura taking a big job at the station I think he'll be eased in, and I wouldn't be surprised if some more Radio 1 faces make some shifts over.

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5 hours ago, Ash101 said:

He sounds great. But I’d like to think Scott has a high chance of taking on R2 Breakfast eventually, considering he missed out on R1. So maybe a few years on afternoons then a switch? But probably not anytime soon! 

I think he'll go in the Steve Wright or Ken Bruce slot when they retire 

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I get the feeling Radio 2 will be increasing their daytime music rota to include more 90's and 00's. Jo Whiley, Sara Cox, Zoe Ball and possibly Scott now then. The type of DJ's who appeal to more my age than the 70's and 80's youth. Imagine it, Radio 2 playing 00's classics from the Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, The Freemasons, Five... Turning that way.

on the grid.

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