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Vick Hope to replace Cel Spellman on Life Hacks


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Vick Hope is joining BBC Radio 1 as co-host on the Life Hacks show.

The presenter will be pairing up with Katie Thistleton on the Sunday 16:00 - 18:00 slot, which focuses on discussions and advice about issues like mental health and relationships.

She'll also be doing the Official Chart: First Look straight after, as part of the station's revamped schedule which starts on September 1.

She replaces Cel Spellman as he focuses on other acting and broadcasting work.

The station says he will remain "a part of the Radio 1 family".



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21 minutes ago, Jono said:

Hoping Katie gets a promotion first, though. But yes, I suspect Vick is only temporarily in the Sunday slot.

Who knows, maybe if Katie and Vick prove a strong duo then they could end up getting promoted together. Taking Scott's show in a year or two? Have R1 ever had an all female double act before now? 

EDIT- wonder where the show will be broadcast from? It's from Salford currently but Vick lives in London

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Didn’t Maya do Friday’s with Scott alongside Saturday 10-1 straight away? Then moved to 10-1 both days when Friday officially became part of the weekend? 

Vick is an interesting signing, be good to hear how she copes away from commercial radio.

I don’t rate Katie much when covering other shows, she’s fine on Life Hacks though 

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5 hours ago, Ash101 said:

Isn’t it produced by a company who are based in Salford?

It done by Audio always, which also happen to be the same company in which Jordan podcast HISMB, is produced by .


21 hours ago, THIS IS THE BBC said:

I think they may well go back to London as they probably moved to Manchester for Cels TV work commitments

Also Katie lives in the Manchester area and is proud with her ties to the area and always seem keen to be staying working up in Manchester.  

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