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Your Views : 5th-16th August ( R1 Breakfast Show with Scott Mills)

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So, Scott's on the breakfast show for the next two weeks. We've already been promised a brand new When Chris Meets..... . They'll never top the Mila Kunis one but hopefully it's a bit better than the Robert Downey Jnr one.

Also, guests including Mark Wahlberg, Tara Reid, McLovin off of Superbad and Rizzle Kicks on Innuendo Bingo!

Tune in (or if, like me, you're on holidays -catch up on iPlayer) to the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Scott for the next two weeks! :)

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Some pretty good guests... there appears to be a notable lack of them on afternoons

I *really* dislike guests on Radio 1. Maybe it's because I'm a radio geek and enjoy the chat amongst the R1 staff, but they never live up to the OTT hype given to them, and often ruin a show which is spent as a 2 hour build up to a dull 15 minute interview - Matt had to fill today as Faser was about 30 minutes late and then boring on air, which let down an otherwise good show. Often (as is the case this week) the guests aren't even that notable - or are known to be awkward to interview (Mark Wahlberg).

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Yeah I really enjoyed Matt today although would like some more just general chat, he's best when bouncing of someone like a guest, so a chat with his producer or something would be good as he rely's heavily on the features, although I did really enjoy the show and am looking forward to the next two weeks!


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