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  1. Gemma obviously haven't worked out. Perhaps the aim of Ben was to put early breakfast age range down which I guess was higher than average because of truckers and farmers but that may have resulted in losing listeners. So they decided to assign the slot to slightly older but still 'urban' female presenter Adele which in my opinion is a great choice.
  2. Well, the first hour of the show was just music anyway. The first live link was always just before 7AM news. So not a great loss to be fair.
  3. 1Xtra Breakfast now starts at 7AM, so no news at 6.
  4. He's drivetime show presenter at Rock FM in Lancashire also former student radio DJ. In his soundcloud page he has some bits from his show, have a listen https://soundcloud.com/01_jnorth
  5. Well, if they really want to get rid of him because of his age, probably not a good idea to give him even more airtime, isn't it?
  6. I think Dev's a winner here, because he will not need to wake up at like half 2 in the morning and of course he's allowed to have guests on his show and do even more weekday daytime covers. The weekends on Radio 1 are getting better and better. Well, except of course 4-9 p.m. on Sundays.
  7. Not a new slot, just covering Fearne in November and December and then hopefully a new slot, but not at Radio 1.
  8. Matt is really good on 1-4 slot this week. I really enjoyed his Innuendo Bingo replacement 'Firing Blanks', it's uploaded on Youtube if you haven't seen it.
  9. Nah, she was good maybe 10 years ago, now it's just a middle-aged woman constantly talking about her kids and putting wierd noises in the middle of the sentence. I like her as a person, she's really sweet, but she's Radio 2 material now.
  10. eigh

    Phil & Alice

    For me their show sounds very scripted and formulated.
  11. I could really see him doing something like The Danny Baker Show at the weekends on 5Live. One question about Danny Howard taking over Gregs Friday drivetime show: why?
  12. eigh

    Scott smoking

    Hey. I was watching old Mills videos on Youtube today and spotted Chappers saying that Scott takes "fresh air brakes" during the show, so I'm wondering does Scott Mills still smoke?
  13. Thanks ryd2603! I miss Ready for the Weekend with Scott... Maybe someone have more of those? I'm particularly interested in Friday 23 March 2012 Ready for the Weekend. I had a first shout out on Radio 1 then, it would be fun to hear it.
  14. It's good they giving opportunities to do cover shows not only for Huw Stephens. It'll be interesting to hear Matt doing Dance Anthems Off topic: does anyone know when Fearne's back from her maternity leave?
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