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Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011 venue


North or South?  

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This is AWESOME if it's true. If people who were around here 2 years ago remember, I moved from a town near to Swindon to the lake district just before the location was announced and it was more than annoying seeing all the pictures from people on facebook.

Airport seems likely if the location is Carlisle, Don't think there's anywhere in the city centre big enough to hold it.

Any ideas on dates?

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why have it up north again? Should be North/South rotation

Again? Last year was Wales which isnt north. 2009 was Swindon which is South-west 2008 was Kent which is South-East. 2007 was north so by my reckoning its about right

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By whom? Greg I suppose?

I reckon there may be a friday as well... Grimmy the other night said "She could play Friday at the big weekend"

And playing: Jessie J and the Vaccines. Chris played them both during the marathon and then said "What a combination. I'm saying nothing"

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Heard it's at Carlisle Airport this year. They put on their site that they wouldn't be taking bookings between 14/15th may due to Radio 1, then quickly took it down to just say that they wouldn't be taking bookings. Also heard that Live Nation have got permission to play music, serve alcohol etc between 1st May and 1st June. Hope it is in Carlisle though, live about 10 minutes from it so it would be great! :D

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