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  1. No, Kutski is now on once every three weeks on 'The Residency' Thursday night/Friday morning 00:00-02:00
  2. I listened to parts of the show. In style the tracks were similar to the former 'Ready for the Weekend' on Friday nights which has now been rebranded 'Dance Anthems' as I expected, however it did have more of a daytime feel to it as you mentioned. However, I especially liked the last hour which was in the mix with less commercial tracks and remixes that you generally wouldn't hear on daytime Radio 1.
  3. This explains why Sara Cox is co-hosting with Judge Jules on Friday.
  4. According to Judge Jules' show last Friday, the announcement of the location of the Big Weekend this year will be made on Wednesday 30 March.
  5. It wasn't a remix, it was the original version.
  6. Because of Newsbeat it is split into two parts, one which is 105 minutes and the other is 60 minutes.
  7. I use IE9 Beta and it is extremely good and I think that even 'IE haters' would like it if they tried it.
  8. I think the reason is because urban music has been the most popular genre of music (at least in terms of the charts) in the last couple of years and Radio 1 play whatever is popular, so this coincidentally overlaps a fair bit with 1Xtra's playlist.
  9. I think Chuckie's show should be very good - nice to hear lots of 'dirty dutch' house music on Radio 1.
  10. I completely agree. Beccy makes a perfect sidekick for her.
  11. I am very happy that Armin van Buuren - In And Out Of Love has been added to the Radio 1 playlist today!
  12. I would disagree that Acer is a good brand. I have always had very bad experiences with it. As far as I see it, there's a reason why it's cheap...
  13. I completely agree, but I only like the instrumental of Miami 2 Ibiza!
  14. Not directly relevant to this thread, but on the theme of slot changes, it doesn't look like Pete Tong is leaving the station this year as he is hosting a one-off joint show with Annie Mac on Friday 17 December.
  15. There are around 100 hours of playlisted music a week, so surely 3 or 4 hours of older music a week isn't a bad thing...
  16. I like Sara Cox because I just think she is a naturally talkative person and sometimes she comes out with such random things, but she has an open and bubbly personality which I think works really well on the radio. I can see some people being annoyed that she says pointless things or just rambles on, but this is what I like about her.
  17. The truth is that, IMO, Sara Cox deserves more than 1 show a week, (especially one where part of it is mainly about the music so less time for her talking!) it has been brilliant listening to her in the mornings these past 3 weeks!
  18. Has the record of the week been played yet? Unless I've missed it, they may have forgotten!
  19. I agree. I now remember why I was so glad when Jo Whiley took over from Nihal last year.
  20. The floorfillers tracklistings are never automatically posted from the computer onto Last FM (presumably because the tracks are mixed in), the list is always manually added to the Radio 1 website.
  21. But in the last hour of the show especially, there are a few tracks that come up really frequently that aren't that popular which I'm pretty sure Reggie likes and probably picks himself from the text screen. Examples include: Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase and Status Mix) Sub Focus - Could This Be Real Caspa - Back For The First Time <Perhaps not surprising as it was his weekend anthem and in none of his shows does he technically get to choose any of the music> Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
  22. Just like Poirot, it is mistaken for being French, but it is actually Belgian!
  23. I have a feeling that Edith could take over the Review Show as she has been covering it recently. It could be an easy way to free up the Weekend Breakfast slot. Nihal could then stick to the Asian show or do another show. Like many others, I agree that the changes will almost certainly happen in the specialist line-up this year. I just hope that Judge Jules (the only trance DJ left) doesn't leave, unless he is replaced by another trance DJ. Pete Tong is also unfortunately a candidate to go because of his age and wanting to bring in new DJs. I can see Andy George & Jaymo replacing him, but



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