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Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011 venue


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lets have it in MY town...

(if they need a reason, they could blame it on the ticket scandal that rocked maidstone, as they got postcodes wrong, and people 10 miles away were winning multiple tickets, those that in the roads nearest got none)

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That's unfair. Everything is centred around the south-east. It's as if nowhere else exists sometimes!

I know! Yorkshire has been ignored by Radio 1 when it comes to the Big Weekend. 10 Big Weekends, and not one in Yorkshire

take control

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Yeah! ...Except it's much much smaller than the Bangor site. :( I don't know how much space they're using up.

Yeah it is a bit smaller than some areas. There is a huge area in Halifax called Manor Heath and Saville Park. With some planning, it would work there.

take control

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Yes that might also be a problem with my suggestion, but there's huge spaces each side of the house and 2 different roads to get into it as well as a few more pedestrian entrances. There are big carparks within 5-10mins walk and one side of the house has been used for parking at events before.

Professional eater of puppy dogs, baby heads and killer of grannies...

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