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  1. happy birthday, jesss... ;) nice day, isn't it? :D

  2. they seem to be moving on to a different request very slowly and are taking too much time on one request.
  3. QPR joint top of the championsup, come on your R's!
  4. yeah i just tried to join aleds forum out of curiosity and it also said my email is banned, how strange.
  5. how on earth is plan b in the lead, his album was not even that great and he is sooo overated.
  6. sorry to be picky but lungs was realesed july 09 therefore before august 09, sorry im a big florence fan.
  7. Best Radio 1 Show -- entertainment wise, SCOTT MILLS. Best Radio 1 Show-- music wise, ZANE LOWE. Sexiest Male R1 DJ, NICK GRIMSHAW Sexiest Female R1 DJ, ANNIE MAC. Funniest Male Personality, SCOTT MILLS. Funniest Female Personality, SARA COX. Greatest Album (since August '09 up till now) SIGH NO MORE - MUMFORD&SONS. Greatest Song (since August '09 up till now) DEVILS SPOKE - LAURA MARLING.
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