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  1. Thanks, here is the link to the one from 7/2/13: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/download/february-2013-scott-mills-daily-podcasts/?ind=4&filename=Mills Sara Cox Innuendo Bingo #AAA Special 07 Feb 13 07-02-13.mp3&wpdmdl=1458&refresh=61c06a4c65b3f1640000076 And then here is the link to 22/5/13: https://unofficialmills.co.uk/download/may-2013-scott-mills-daily-podcasts/?ind=6&filename=Mills Scott Bows To Pressure From #teamclare 22 May 13 22-05-13.mp3&wpdmdl=1464&refresh=61c06a9a1229b1640000154 I've just checked again and they can both still be streamed.
  2. 7/2/13 and 22/5/13 are also not available. They can be streamed but the download button is dead?
  3. Does anyone have a working file for the 29/08/2012 podcast? The download in the archive downloads a 0mb file.
  4. Seems like she's pregnant again. Surely not? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  5. So exciting! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. If you could clip the James Bay cover from today it would be great? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. This final show just shows how much Fearne loves music. It will be a huge loss. Anyone planning on clipping the James Bay cover?
  8. Reports coming out today that Grimmy is in line to replace Louis on the X Factor. Could this get him axed? Although it would create exposure for his breakfast show would the Beeb really want him doing it?
  9. Massive congratulations to Chris but it seems very strange that nothing has been mentioned either on air or on his twitter
  10. Rather Be was fantastic, but otherwise their material simply isn't good enough.
  11. I usually can't stand Strictly but I am going to have to watch this year because of Scott. He should be quite funny. Of course Pixie Lott may also brighten up my Saturday evenings
  12. So I am going to see Scott play at Tramps Nightclub in Worcester on Easter Saturday. Anyone ever been to any if his DJ gigs? Any ideas of anything I can do to either get noticed to get a meet and greet out of it?!
  13. Some tv show on some obscure channel about a pawn brokers.
  14. bmstinton93

    Thatcher !!

    I'm good thanks you?
  15. So Chris Moyles can climb a mountain and do 52 hours on air but his replacement just gets some celebrity guests on the show and effectively gets a much easier show out of it. Hate Grimmy.
  16. Well I'm still holding out some hope then.
  17. Anything interesting about Moyles come out of the Ben Cooper session?
  18. I've got unlimited anyway. I downloaded ever Moyles show in one. I suppose I'll try make a start on downloading them at some point.
  19. Anyway of just setting all the podcasts to download rather than going through each one individually?
  20. I've not visited here for ages but this is sad. bye bye Beccy.
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