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Just starting this thread just to see what people's thoughts are on this duo?

My first thoughts were WHAT? Matt deserves so much better than a co host he needs a weekday slot. 

Now I quite like the show Mollie seems to really enjoy what she's doing and doesn't seem to mind when Matt has a pop at her for doing something wrong. She's learning on the job like we all do. This has potential to be the best duo Radio 1 has seen since Colin & Edith. When I compare the show with Dev & Alice it's way better just been listen to those two this past week there is no spark or chemistry between them just feels like two good single talents have been shoved together for no reason? 

Thank you 


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I did originally think it was a shame that Matt was given a co host as he was perfectly able on his own. 

But, as Mollie has been here a while, I’ve got to really like her. Her and Matt have very good chemistry and I really enjoy the content on their show! As much as I hope he doesn’t go any time soon, when Scott does leave or move, I think them or Jordan would be a very good replacement. 

I do actually quite like Dev and Alice on their weekend show. I don’t think they have great chemistry - but that awkwardness is what seems to work. I did think they were missing features on their drive time cover though. 

I do think it’s a massive shame that the natural double act, Matt and Alice never happened apart from a couple of shows. And I very much doubt it will ever happen again! 

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