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How to clip audio from Radio 1


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you kids don't know what you wernt born for, i remember we'd get moyles on straight after school. but only till 5.45. then the gap toothed gypsy would appear at 6 rolling another fat one.

ah yes the heady days of Moyles following Mark and Lard, then Dangerous Dave Pearce at 6 after 15 mins of Newsbeat...

Professional eater of puppy dogs, baby heads and killer of grannies...

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On 1/3/2019 at 1:19 PM, anothernerd said:

anyone know how to stop audacity from recording me instead of the audio on the pc on windows 10

Make sure on the the device toolbar that "Windows WASAPI" and "Stereo/Headphones" is selected on the two left boxes. If the toolbar is missing go to View >> Toolbars to enable it.


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