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  1. Full list of 'celebs' Jo Wood, Ricky Whittle, Phil Tuffnell, Rav Wilding, Laila Rouass. Zoe Lucker, Craig Kelly, Jade Johnson, Chris Hollins, Martina Hingis, Ricky Groves, Richard Dunwoody, Natalie Cassidy, Joe Calzaghe, Lynda Bellingham, Ali Bastian.
  2. Should be fine, use Orbit Downloader (or something similar) to download the show using the links as a .ra and then use SUPER Converter (or something similar) to convert to .mp3
  3. Aw lol, I am here, lurking in the online world :)

  4. Oi Clippy where've you gone? =[

  5. You need a MCPS license to have access to the full library. Music 4's V-Production library do the beds for a lot of features on Scott and Chris' shows.
  6. It's Friday! Hear IOBF again: http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=6&linkid=1401
  7. jordanhowell


    I gave it a try, quite good actually. I did a kind of review on my blog, it's only short. Probably not allowed to but as it's on topic...it's at http://jordface.blogspot.com/ there is screenshots of it too.
  8. jordanhowell


    Yep it was. I haven't signed up yet, will have a look, sounds like We7
  9. Sonia tells Scott about the video she's upload on YouTube of her boyfriend singing Single Ladies, Lucinda asks if Scott will be a naked butler at a charity event, Patrick lets Scott know that he knocked down a deer while listening to the podcast, Jess tells Scott that she now has a week of detentions for sitting down in a lift. That and more on todays Dear Scott... http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=2&linkid=1400
  10. Today on Oh! What's Occurring?! Men were asked who their "man crush" was, who would be mentioned the most? How many bizarre reasons did a contestant come up with to choose a colour on ITV's new gameshow The Colour of Money? http://www.unofficialmills.co.uk/communities/local_links.php?catid=1&linkid=1399
  11. Scott said the other day she was only off Mon, Tues and Wed so yeah
  12. Radio 1 Looking To Promote Young Hosts? Source: DigitalSpy Radio 1 wants to put younger presenters on its main shows, claim tabloid reports. According to The Sun, DJs Chris Moyles, Jo Whiley and Sara Cox may face the axe because they are no longer in the same age group as their listeners. Sunday chart show star Reggie Yates, 25, and weekend breakfast host Nick Grimshaw, 24, will reportedly be given more exposure by the broadcaster. Moyles, 35, pulls in an estimated 7.3 million listeners every day for his breakfast show but bosses apparently fear that he no longer appeals to their demographic. "The breakfast show has to target our key listeners and lock them in for the day," said a source. "Moyles has been on Radio 1 for 12 years and has hosted the breakfast show for five. "What we have seen with Moyles is his listeners have grown up with him and are getting older. Now we need a younger crowd." http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/broadcasting/a148598/radio-1-looking-to-promote-young-hosts.html
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