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  1. Thought I would start a thread for us overseas listeners/UMers to share what part of the world (be as specific or vague as you wish) we're from and how/when we came across Scott Mills and Radio 1. I'm from Lansing, Michigan in the United States. We are Michigan's capital city and the state's third largest metro with an area population of 464,036, trailing Detroit and Grand Rapids. We have a major university, Michigan State, in East Lansing which is well known for it's academic and athletic prowess. Our local sports teams are the low-A (4 levels below MLB) Lansing Lugnuts (baseball) and the third division Lansing Ignite soccer club. I've been listening to Radio 1 for 5 years now and after listening to some BBC coverage of the 2014 World Cup, I eventually stumbled across Radio 1 and Grimmy on breakfast. It was when Scott & Chris filled in that I realized how much better they are. 😆
  2. Radio 1 was on there until around 2011 I think. SiriusXM costs around $200/yr although you can often work out a better offer. Much more variety than what's on AM and FM and like I said COMMERCIAL-FREE.
  3. I'd say Spotify + podcasts comprise the majority of my listening. Our equivalent of DAB in the U.S., "HD Radio", is not prevalent outside of major cities and their are only 7 HD stations in our area. I do listen to the local FM/AM stations for NPR, BBC World Service, sports programming, college radio (shoutout LCC Radio and The Impact), and even the two local Top-40 stations (which have a glut of commercials and a narrow playlist). As far as online streaming of "traditional" stations - BBC Radio 1, 5Live, World Service, and TalkSport, more live sports (I have an MLB audio subscription for baseball), and whatever random ones I find in the TuneIn app. Over here we have SiriusXM satellite radio - a subscription service with tons of commercial-free music + talk, news, sports, comedy, etc. That usually takes precedent in the car. They even had Radio 1 at one point - it's a shame they can't make room for that but have a Kidz Bop channel FFS. As far as audiobooks I'm not a fan. I'd much rather read the paper copy myself.
  4. I've been using get_iPlayer. It can be finicky at times but it gets the job done.
  5. Make sure on the the device toolbar that "Windows WASAPI" and "Stereo/Headphones" is selected on the two left boxes. If the toolbar is missing go to View >> Toolbars to enable it.
  6. The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. It's been about 4 years exactly since I've been listening to Radio 1. I'm a 19-year old radio nerd from the U.S. and had been flipping through international stations on TuneIn when I first came across Grimmy on breakfast, which I thought was alright at the time but when Scott & Chris ended up covering I realized I was missing something great. I've listened to every Scott Mills Daily since then. I added Greg James' podcast as well and podcasts continue to be my typical method of consuming R1. When I do "tune" in live I've enjoyed Alice Levine, Jordan North, and Annie Mac when they're on. Matt Edmondson is pretty meh to me but I haven't heard him with Mollie to make a judgment there. Likewise, the breakfast show (1:30a-5a) and Clara Amfo (5-8) aren't on at good times to listen over here. I do appreciate Adele Roberts (11p-1:30a) who has provided a soundtrack to many a late-evening homework/study sesh. She's an underrated talent IMO. I'd probably listen a lot more if SiriusXM put Radio 1 back on over one of the duplicate top-40 stations they have. It would be a unique addition to their lineup.
  8. It worked fine for me... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b4yxh3 Can't wait to hear Scott tomorrow!
  9. Not exactly as he's off to Eurovision that week.
  10. Along with no mention across Scott's social media, the results page shows that Scott didn't run the Marathon. Adele Roberts finished in 3:30:38 , Dev in 4:30:56 , and Danny Howard in 5:41:16 .
  11. Hmm... so much to unravel here! Scott gets the chart show (well deserved) and Grimmy gets reduced to four days a week (must be on the way out now). Also, why bother putting Maya Jama on Mills' show on Fridays just to split it up a few months later?
  12. Also hoping that Scott & Chris do a couple red button commentaries again like the last World Cup and Euros.
  14. I wonder if there is some sort of sliding scale in play as well with better-known artists having more freedom with their cover choice? I'm sure the Radio 1 folks think that a well-known track or cover of one would have more YouTube views.
  16. Funny thing that I was flipping through channels a few months ago and saw her on an NBC comedy "The Good Place", where she co-stars along with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.
  17. I haven't heard much of Maya Jama but I don't like that she's being wedged in with Scott & Chris on Fridays. Jordan North really got shafted just getting three hours on a Sunday. Also re: Alice, she will be over in the US & Canada for the My Dad Wrote A Porno tour from February 22nd to March 7th. P.S. Ugh - don't understand why the Greatest Hits show is staying on!
  18. I'll have a bit of different perspective as a U.S. based listener. In no particular order... BBC Radio 1 - Mostly Mills and Greg James with Adele Roberts if I'm up past 11p. I do like Alice when she's in for Scott but rarely catch her show on the weekends. The Game 730 AM - mix of local and national sports talk and game broadcasts (particularly Mad Dog in the Afternoon & Ferrall on the Bench) 97.5 NOW - local Top-40 station, but not for more than an hour when songs start to loop 90.5 WKAR - local NPR/Public radio, but only for Morning Edition and All Things Considered since I can't put up with classical music for too long 870 AM - mostly BBC World Service (particularly Newshour and World Have Your Say) with some NPR and local stuff. I try to tune in for Al Martin's "Current Sports" if I'm off school and also their Spanish-language music/news program on weekend mornings. If nothing suits my fancy on regular radio I'll get on Pandora or Spotify or pop a CD in. There also an assortment of podcasts I listen to - the obvious ones (see Mills and James) plus these: ESPN Fantasy Focus (football and baseball) [3-5 weekly in-season, 2x per month off-season] Chips with everything ("digital culture" podcast from The Guardian) [1x weekly] Serial [1x during a season - 2nd season didn't capture my interest as much as the 1st] My Dad Wrote A Porno [1x weekly + 1x weekly "footnotes" during a season] FiveThirtyEight politics podcast [1x weekly, but was every weekday in the buildup to the U.S. election] Arsecast (Arsenal podcast) [2x weekly] Effectively Wild (baseball podcast) [3-4x weekly]
  19. Catching up on last Thursday's podcast now so "That's going straight in my basket!"... ... ... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  20. Loving the LOLathon show today - i've listened on and off throughout the day. I like that the "My Dad Wrote A Porno" crew is in (check out that podcast if you haven't - it puts me in a fit of laughter every episode). P.S. Please donate if you haven't! http://www.comicrelief.com if you're outside the UK.
  21. Writing a check WhoooOOOOooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooOooooOOOOOoOOOOoOOOOooOOooooooOoO!
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