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Third series for Celebrity Scissorhands


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Celebrity Scissorhands is returning to BBC Three for a third series in aid of Children In Need.

Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford will once again take charge at the Celebrity Scissorhands Hair & Beauty Academy and train a new group of star contestants. Big Brother's Little Brother host George Lamb is also returning to front the show.

As usual, the Scissorhands Academy will open its doors to celebrity clients and members of the public, who will be asked to pay what they think their treatment is worth. All money raised will be donated to Children In Need.

"We are thrilled that Celebrity Scissorhands is returning to BBC Three for a third series," said Suzanne Gilfillan, Executive Editor for BBC Entertainment. "Celebrity Scissorhands is a hide-behind-your-hands entertainment show that draws viewers in, often in horror and disbelief, as members of the public throw themselves in to the hands of the celebrity trainees, all for BBC Children in Need.

"It makes for compelling viewing and we can't wait to see how the new trainees will fare in Lee's hands this time round."


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It appears to be the end for Scissorhands judging by the line up:

Amongst this year's celebrity trainees are: The Apprentice's Lucinda Ledgerwood, ex-EastEnders actress Shana Swash; R&B singer and MOBO nominee Jay Sean and Stedman Pearson from Eighties pop sensation Five Star.

Celebrity Scissorhands, from Sunday 26 October 2008, on BBC Three

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wow thats a bit of a let down :(

maybe they're holding back details on some of the trainees so we have something to actually get excited about! either that or it's the best they got... which is more than a little worrying. I thought last year was alright, as was the year before, but judging by that line up, I'm not hopeful.

Nik B.

Born to Toads.

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Watched the first program of the series last night...

Celebrities this time:

Shana Swash (Demi Mller off of Eastenders)

Lucinda Ledgerwood

Stedman Pearson (ex Five Star)

Jessica-Jane Clement

Jeff Leach

Kym Mazelle

Scott Robinson (ex Five)

Lee MacDonald (Zammo from Grange Hill years ago)

Chris Perry-Metcalf

And of course Steve Strange and Lee Stafford.

Steve will be let loose on the general public to create new looks for any special occasion as The Academy’s image consultant


<a href="http://twitter.com/aloha_chicka"><img src="http://twitsig.com/aloha_chicka.jpg"></a>

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I think Greg James should have done it. He's up early every morning so it would fit in with his schedule. Chappers was apparently asked to do it.

I tuned in last night and felt it had lost it's spark in the current format. The bloke from Grange Hill doesn't even do acting any more, he cuts keys! It's should have been renamed just 'Scissorhands'.

I don't think I'll be visiting for a third series at this rate... Poor kiddies.

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i would like Jono to post their IP address, when they post spam on the forums i help run we just send a load of abuse to the registered email address, i don't care they should have 'something' done to them so they don't do it again !

i have changed the post now ahaha :giggle: i see what you mean, Jono can delete it (think he would anyway)


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