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The Official Chart with Scott Mills

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45 minutes ago, OohErr said:

Thought I'd make a thread specifically for this.

Just heard a new number 1 sting into One Kiss - looks like we could be getting a new chart package.

Well spotted. Sounds like the existing sonic logo remains in a refreshed form.

I think that's the old voiceovers now officially gone from the station.

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Didn't get to hear all of the chart, but from what I did hear it was very good. He sounds so enthusiastic about it and the format is good. I wonder how long it'll be before it reverts to the same old chart that Greg was doing every week, without any of the celebrity phone calls. The new imaging is ok, I like that they've kept hints of the previous one but I don't think its quite as good. Also, it looks like Greg retains the Chart Update on Mondays as well!

From what I heard of Dance Anthems, that was sounding good too! He referenced that it was good to be back doing the show (although under a different name).

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Scott was sounding great - his presenting style is perfect for the chart. The new imaging is fine but it's just a refresh of a (in my opinion) better package Greg had. I like the fact they're including celebrity chats again, at least it's a bit of content amid the "that was no.21, here's no.20". 

Dance Anthems - so glad it's staying and Scott was sounding great on that too. One thing I wasn't a fan of was the quite awkward chat with a listener about their plans for Friday night. They should drop that I think. 

Overall, great start for Scott and good to have him back on Radio 1 on a Friday evening!

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I really like the pure enthusiasm that Scott has for the Official Chart. I love listening to Greg, but you could just tell that he wasn't at his best doing it. And he didn't enjoy or want to do it, as he said in his interview with the Guardian (something in the lines of: when the chart became playing Ed Sheeran's new album he lost the will to do it). Scott on the other hand actually enjoys it, is obviously perfect at doing it and brings a guest each week to make the most of it.
Obvious and probably unnecessary statement, but: he really is the best Radio DJ out there, who can make something good out of something rather boring. 

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