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What radio do you listen to?


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I put Adele on when I wake up for the last few minutes of her show, then switch to The Chris Moyles Show on X. R1 for Greg, Matt and Dev. Clara if I'm at home during the day, Mills on the podcast. Jo Good on Radio X is good company of a weekend afternoon when there's nothing that interests me on R1, and I'll stick Will Manning on during the chart on Fridays.

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Moyles and Vernon Kay on Radio X weekday mornings for me. Afternoons most of the time Scott but Stark winds me up sometimes. I won't go into that as I know how popular he is. Greg always listen at work particularly love after 6 with chris Smith. Always Newsbeat at 5.45. Great production. Phil Clifton always evenings at work on X plus he always reads my tweets.

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Adele on Radio 1 is the one in my alarm clock.
Then, after school, Mills on Radio 1, of course!
Sometimes I stay for Greg or I listen to my playlist on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/user/julianbeuter/playlist/5W5orRttz5QVFJhzxAOuV6).
Annie Mac only on Friday night,
Saturday night Club Classics on Heart
And BFBS Germany all the rest of the weekend.
Sunday night is Taggart night.
Then eat, sleep, Radio 1, repeat...
Only exception: every two months I'm on air at my local radio station (by the way next Friday from 7 pm on http://radiosauerland.de/ )

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Any good recommendations for radio? Excelling student radio stations, shows, presenters to watch, commercial shows? And anything I can listen to at breakfast? I'm seriously struggling, because I like hit music in the morning especially but I like to hear news, weather and interesting presenters. I genuinely cannot find anything on DAB that plays good music, has good chat, and is feelgood. 

Moyles has lost his spark and is now sounding like a tired and grumpy old man who constantly reminisces about the good old days. Audio branding is poor, and that combined with the adverts just makes for unpleasant listening. 

chrismoyles.net (Am I allowed to say that? I hear UnofficialMills has some kind of ongoing feud with them?) post a Chris Moyles Radio 1 show every single day, and I enjoy dipping in and out of those, but that requires internet and thinking. I need something as an alarm. 

Ideas welcome. 

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I'll have a bit of different perspective as a U.S. based listener. In no particular order...

BBC Radio 1 - Mostly Mills and Greg James with Adele Roberts if I'm up past 11p. I do like Alice when she's in for Scott but rarely catch her show on the weekends.

The Game 730 AM - mix of local and national sports talk and game broadcasts (particularly Mad Dog in the Afternoon & Ferrall on the Bench)

97.5 NOW - local Top-40 station, but not for more than an hour when songs start to loop

90.5 WKAR - local NPR/Public radio, but only for Morning Edition and All Things Considered since I can't put up with classical music for too long :lol:

870 AM - mostly BBC World Service (particularly Newshour and World Have Your Say) with some NPR and local stuff. I try to tune in for Al Martin's "Current Sports" if I'm off school and also their Spanish-language music/news program on weekend mornings.

If nothing suits my fancy on regular radio I'll get on Pandora or Spotify or pop a CD in. There also an assortment of podcasts I listen to - the obvious ones (see Mills and James) plus these:

ESPN Fantasy Focus (football and baseball) [3-5 weekly in-season, 2x per month off-season]

Chips with everything ("digital culture" podcast from The Guardian) [1x weekly]

Serial [1x during a season - 2nd season didn't capture my interest as much as the 1st]

My Dad Wrote A Porno [1x weekly + 1x weekly "footnotes" during a season]

FiveThirtyEight politics podcast [1x weekly, but was every weekday in the buildup to the U.S. election]

Arsecast (Arsenal podcast) [2x weekly]

Effectively Wild (baseball podcast) [3-4x weekly]

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I was browsing and found this!

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James

Sometimes Clara Sometimes Spotify Playlist

Scott Mills 

Chris Moyles On Radio X S

Annie Mac or I watch TV/YouTube


heart’s club classics with Annalise

Dev and Alice 

matt and Mollie

Rochelle Humes on Sat(heart) 

Chilliest Show on Planet Earth (Phil) 

Maya And Jordon Greastest Hits! 


Edit: I only listen to radio 1 mon-thurs now at night I now tune into radio x 


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Ooh I'd forgotten about this thread! My answer has changed since two years ago. I'm now a student and therefore never awake during early breakfast hours. Greg at breakfast usually, but I alternate between him and Adam and JoJo on Capital Yorkshire. Mids are either Clara or James O'Brien on LBC. Obviously Scott in the afternoons. Pete Allison on Capital Yorks at drive is also decent, I alternate between him and Grimmy. Then during evenings it's podcasts - the Scott Mills Daily, Help I Sexted My Boss and Friends With Friends.

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