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Thoughts on the show of late

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Sorry if there is already a thread like this but I can't see it. I just wondered what you all think of the show/podcast at the moment?

Some of my random views:

  • Overall I still love the show and it often makes me actual LOL though I do feel that it really misses a Becki-type character, ie a female element, and a lot of material came from her. Chappers was also jolly funny at times even if he was a miserable bar stool. I can see that it's not easy to foist a new person upon the listeners but maybe they should try to slowly introduce someone. It's getting a bit empty behind those mics.
  • The podcast 'Recovering from Ibiza 04 Aug 2014': Scott sounded the most Alan Partridge I've ever heard him when talking about his 'biza exploits. Sorry but he's not getting any younger and the cringe glands were certainly flaring during that segment.
  • His obsession with 18y.o. divers makes my back crawl.
  • 'Get your rat out' was pathetic.
  • Celebrity guests are slim pickings nowadays (shame).
  • Thank Jesus his obsession with that bloody 'Let me take a selfie' song waned faster that I first feared.
  • Slippery slope to Radio 2 by this time next year at 3/1 (as long as they continue the daily podcast that's ok).

Think that's all, I'd love to know what others think!

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I think Cara and/or Chris Sawyer would be good on air, although it could be a bit confusing having two Chris' plus Chris Smith With the News.

I agree that Get Your Rat Out was a bit rubbish, could've been done better or left at the pub where the idea came from I'd imagine. Bar that I think the shows been very good recently, I'm enjoying temporary producer Will, especially the chocolate mystery the other week! The Sack of Shame is also good, I'm hoping it has mileage beyond the NBH lifts.

Fat Tuesday with Charlie Sloth is hilarious, as is Greg's Real or No Real. Alice Levine is pretty good, but I've never thought much of Danny Howard, very dull and clearly doesn't listen to the show because he hasn't got a clue what's going on when he comes in.

Bamboleo Wednesday is absolutely brilliant. I don't know what it is about it, it's very simple in premise, but genuinely makes my Wednesday without fail. I think they could do more with it actually, with callers and more videos, etc.

Other general bits of chat are very funny as always.

One thing I've never picked up on from the Podcasts but notice when I've listened live recently was how much music Scott plays! Four songs at the top of every hour is a lot, and all of his links are quite short (2mins or less usually). It's pushing 40 songs a show now, I'm sure it never used to be like this on R1. They come under fire for being too similar to commercial rivals, so what do they do? Become more like them! There are times when its five songs pretty much in a row (one song at the end of the hour, two at the beginning followed by a 20sec ramp and two more songs), it seems like a lot. Also wish there was more newsreader interaction, on Scott's show but also on R1 in general. Dev used to have some banter with whoever was reading his news when they still had bulletins on Early Breakfast, but doesn't anymore on weekends. I think Matt Edmondson would be good at making jokes about the news as well, it's a shame he never speaks to the newsreader afterwards.

I think I got a little distracted from Scott's show there, but those are my thoughts on it, and R1 in general.

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The reason you never hear them banter with them at weekends is that the newsbeat output is shared with 1x. So both stations have to come in for the news at exactly the same time for the newsreader to start. That is why when their backtiming isnt very good you often hear about 1/2 of a song before its quickly faded out into the news jingle!

So in summary, Im sure they would like to banter with them, its just not possible.

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The reason you never hear them banter with them at weekends is that the newsbeat output is shared with 1x.

Saying that though, every show now has shared news with 1Xtra apart from the Breakfast Shows. Greg manages it with Chris Smith With The News, depends if the other station is talking to them afterward.

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Yeah, the Aniston thing was a bit disappointing. For an actress, she didn't go very far with the role. Chris's reaction was great though. I think Scott should've left it a bit longer before going in. If they convinced Aniston's people to get in on the prank, I think they could've convinced them for a bit more time too.

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